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Environmental Policy

The team at Blue Sky is committed to sustainability and doing everything in our power to protect the planet.

This is not simply an environmental policy, but an ingrained part of our company culture. It is discussed with staff during induction, and we involve everyone to find news ways to make Blue Sky eco-aware.

Current practices and goals include:

Regularly assessing our carbon footprint and finding ways to neutralise it.

Keeping our fleet well maintained and operating at an optimum level, to ensure fuel efficiency and to minimise our fuel emissions.

Purchasing vehicles based on their reliability across a number of important measures, including low emissions, heat and noise values.

Using technology and intelligent management systems to minimise the movement of empty vehicles.

Regularly checking correct tyre pressure and wind deflectors on vehicles to help us to maintain optimum fuel efficiency.

Keeping drivers up to date with best practice to manage journey times and reduce fuel consumption.

Operating largely paperless administration systems, relying instead on a well-integrated digital workplace to communicate between our team members and our clients and suppliers.

Recycling as much of our office waste as possible and disposing of vehicle parts or outdated vehicles responsibly.

Using as much biodegradable and recyclable packaging as possible when assisting clients with preparing their items for relocation.

Offering a re-usable crate hire service to minimise the use of packaging materials which customers may consign to landfill.

Offering customers assistance in finding environmentally-conscious ways to dispose of their unwanted items and packaging materials.

Localising as much of our supply chain as possible to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Using suppliers who also have strong environmental policies and practices that dovetail with our own commitment to being ‘green’.

Blue Sky remains open to new developments and ideas that will help us to underpin our commitment to provide environmentally-conscious moving services in the UK.