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Frequently asked questions



What Services Do You Offer?

Here at BlueSky, we offer a wide range of removal and relocation services for businesses, offices, and residential properties. For those who need storage solutions or crate hire, we also provide this. So, if you need a one-stop-shop for all of your relocation and moving needs – look no further!

Our advisors will be able to recommend the best service for your requirements, as well as arrange a no-obligation quote for the services you require.

How do I Work out Which Relocation Service will be Best for my Needs?

The best and quickest way to find out which of our services will be most suitable for your needs is to get in touch with one of our in-house experts today. So give us a call on 0208 089 7720 or contact us via our online enquiry form.

What time do you come on the day of the removal?

We tend to come between 8am and 9am, but we can be flexible in terms of arranging another hour slot of arrival that may work better for you.

Do you provide boxes and packing supplies?

We provide great advice and a link to purchase boxes and packing materials on our website:


How do I pack the TV?

We would recommend bubble-wrapping and card-boarding if you no longer have the TV box.

You can wrap the TV in bubble-wrap, then manipulate some cardboard to make it flexible enough to wrap around the TV and secure it.

We do use thick blanket wraps in the vehicle to secure loose items into the vehicle.

Do you use floor protection?

Yes, we can provide thick plastic carpet protection rolls and shoe covers on the day of your move.

Please make a special note to your moving consultant to ensure this is added onto your booking - free of charge!

Do you protect our sofas and mattresses?

Yes, we use mattress covers and shrink wrap to protect mattresses and sofas.

Do you arrange parking suspensions?

We do not arrange parking suspensions, for all moves, you'll need to have a space available for us within a 10 meter walking distance for us to carry your contents from and to. If the parking space is further than 10 meters away, please let us know so we can ensure we have a sufficient team on the day of your move - we care very much about the health and safety of our team.

We normally recommend popping bins out into the road the night before your move if you don't have a driveway, or if there is road restrictions, please contact your local council in advance to obtain a suspension for the vans (we can provide the number plates).

What can you dismantle and re-assemble?

We can dismantle and reassemble any beds, wardrobes, tables, sofas.. and even trampolines up to 10ft in size!

It's worth noting that we cannot re-assemble something we have not dismantled, only because when we take furniture apart, we know how it goes back together!

What things are not allowed to be transported in the removal vans?

We cannot take any fine jewellery, small items of high value, no explosive or dangerous items and animals into the removal van.

Do you offer storage?

Yes we offer storage, we have a partnership with Safestore, which have a fantastic facility to keep your contents safe and secure.

Please enquire with our friendly team who can quote upon taking your contents to storage and for out of storage.

We are happy to help with all your moving requirements with ease.

Do you take down curtains, blinds and light fittings?

We cannot take down curtains, blinds or light fittings, please ensure this is down and ready for our team.

Can you go into the loft?

Unfortunately we cannot go into lofts due to health and safety reasons, the contents would need to be down and ready for our team.

But, if you're struggling to do this alone, our team can stand on the ladder whilst you hand things down to them.

Do you move outdoor and indoor plants?

Yes, we put plants into the vehicle last as the tend to take up more room where we cannot stack on top of them.

We can then safely transport them to the new property and unload them first, so they arent exposed to lack of light for long hours during the removal.

Can you move fish tanks?

Yes, we can move fish tanks, as long as it's empty with no live animals or water.

Do you disconnect and reconnect washing machines etc.?

I'm afraid we do not, this is a certified plumbers job and a plumber will need to carry this out.

Do you provide wardrobe cartons?

Yes, we can provide wardrobe cartons for you on the day of your removal, these are free of charge for day use only.

Here's the wardrobe carton boxes dimensions: 508 x 457 x 967mm

Do you charge for date changes or cancellations?

No! We offer date changes free of charge as many times as you need.

Also for cancellations, our deposit is fully refundable so you don't lose anything!

Do you charge for key-waiting time?

No, we can wait with you for your keys up until 5pm at no extra cost!