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Home Office Design Ideas When Moving

Posted: March 3, 2022 at 1:08 pm

Moving house provides you with new rooms, with new decorating and arrangement opportunities. One of the rooms we spend the most time in is the home office, especially with the increase in remote and hybrid working over the past two years. With a new blank canvas or new space to tackle, now is the perfect time to consider your home office design and create a space that is productive, healthy and comfortable.

Looking to create a work-friendly, multipurpose or productive space in your new home? Check out our top 2022 home office design ideas including clever home office storage ideas, decorating details, healthy office design and biophilic design tips.

Create a multipurpose space

Not everybody has the space to dedicate a whole room to an office. An easy way to fit a home office into your life and your space are to create a multipurpose room to fit your needs. This could look like incorporating a desk into your kitchen cabinetry or converting a walk-in wardrobe into a desk and chair you can hide away when you don’t need it.

Split your space with a partitioner

Partitioners don’t only look great, they are also great for quickly and easily carving out any room into a private study. Whether you’ve got the kids next door, or a load of mess you want to hide away from your zoom call, fit a partitioner into your room to create a sophisticated, modern home office space, away from distractions.

Fit A Sofa For Comfort & Flexibility

Working with a larger space? Take a break and incorporate a sofa into your home office design so you can make a call, catch up on some industry reading, or simply put your feet up during the working day, or at the end of one! A healthy office design allows room for creative thinking and focus, and a sofa is perfect for taking that step back and recharging our thoughts or creating a multipurpose room for work and leisure.

Home Office Storage Ideas

Amplify Your Space With Bespoke Cabinetry

If you have the budget to do so, bespoke cabinetry is the best option for optimising your home office into a fully functional room that caters exactly to your needs. It’ll also help you to take advantage of your available storage space, in particular, if the office will be used by more than one of you.

Interior designers recommend thinking about your storage needs now, and predicting how much more storage you might require overtime to give yourself the most amount of space. Incorporate technology into your cabinetry too, with built-in keyboards, monitors and printers. Have a dedicated space for everything.

Keep A Shelf Above Your Desk

Guilty of desk clutter? Aren’t we all. The key to a productive office design is making sure you can keep your clutter out of sight and out of mind. Tidy room, tidy mind right? As well as built-in desk drawers and desk tidies, hang a shelf above your desk at eye level to both expand your workspace and have somewhere to quickly put bits and bobs out the way, or to keep them to hand. Fit your shelf with artwork, storage boxes, or whatever you need.

Build Storage Sky High

Especially important for offices short for space, build your store from the floor to the ceiling to make use of all the space you have. Compact and tidy, opt for shelvings and cabinetry that is narrow but tall to allow for ample floor space, desks and to not feel cramped.

Install A Bookcase

Books are great for inspiration, knowledge and relaxation. Having books on the show can fuel those extra ideas and offer pieces of wisdom in times of need, whatever industry you’re in. Whether you’re halfway through a novel or the latest research paper, store your books and other decorative accents that showcase your personality and create a bank of resources.


Incorporate a Biophilic Design

The biophilic design integrates nature and natural materials to an office design with the hope of increasing occupant connectivity to the natural environment. Providing rest bite and joy, there are a number of benefits to both our health and productivity by incorporating a biophilic design as it involves bringing the benefits of the outdoors in.


Some quick ways of incorporating a biophilic and healthy office design at home are to:

Ensure You Have Access To Natural Light And Views

Natural light and access to outdoor views can have a huge impact on workers’ mental health, productivity and overall wellbeing. Instead of hiding your office away, make sure you choose a room that has plenty of natural light and that you choose a room with a view.

Create Your Own Green Jungle

Plants, plants, plants. Plants both improve your air quality and oxygen which in turn can improve concentration levels and relaxation by decreasing mental fatigue. Real and fake, plants offer so many benefits as well as make your room look great.

Home Office Decoration Ideas

There are plenty of amazing 2022 home office decoration ideas. Here are a few of our favourites:

Mix Minimalism With Contrasts

Minimalism is known to be great to destress and help concentration. White walls and clean finishes are sure to keep anxiety at bay however to modernise this trend and add a creative flair, mix minimalistic white furniture or walls with contrasting textures and items. Decorate with wicker baskets, plant pots, or antique rugs and cushions to create a cosy, but modern space for comfort and productivity.

Add Warmth With Wooden Accessories

Classic in style and long-lasting, wooden furniture can warm up a neutral home or look great against dark painted walls.

Create A Giant Chalk Board

Brainstorm creative ideas, scientific answers or mathematical questions and paint your walls with chalkboard paint to add a playful touch and keep up to date with your to-do list and ideas.

Accessorise With Colourful Accessories

Add colour pops to the mix of white minimalistic walls and decor to brighten up your space and keep it interesting. Think brightly coloured cushions, artwork, animal print, pen post or a statement colour pop chair.

Texturise Your Space

Incorporate metallics, golds, silvers and brass statements for a stylish room. Lamps, copper baskets, filing cabinets and curtain reals are easy to add in and look amazing.

Showcase Your Artistic Flare With A Gallery Wall

Cover your wall with inspiring artwork, words and mismatched frames to give you and your visitors something to look at.

Paint Or Wallpaper An Accent Wall

Home offices are a great way to experiment with colours and patterns and express your personality. Make your room interesting and inviting with an accent wall.

Ready to move into your new home office?

We hope our home office design ideas have provided you with some inspiration for your new move. Looking to move into a new home with a trusty and reliable removals company? Get in touch today or find out more about our expert house removal services, office relocation and the locations we operate in.