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White Glove Movers Maidenhead White Glove Movers Maidenhead

Free dismantling and reassembly of your furniture (Beds, wardrobes, dining tables etc.)
Free dismantling and reassembly of your furniture (Beds, wardrobes, dining tables etc.)
No cancellation charges AND date changes are free of charge as many times as you need.
No cancellation charges AND date changes are free of charge as many times as you need.
Our quotes have insurance already included up to £50,000 (T&Cs applies)
Our quotes have insurance already included up to £50,000 (T&Cs applies)
No key-waiting time charges for any delays you may incur at the delivery address to get the keys.
No key-waiting time charges for any delays you may incur at the delivery address to get the keys.

Removals in Maidenhead

We at Blue Sky Relocations are a white glove company in Maidenhead that can help you with your moving process. No matter if you are looking for home removal or business removals, we can be at your service. No matter if you want to move down the road or across the UK, we can help take the stress out of moving day.

Before you get started with the moving process, you can get a free quote with us to see how well we fit into your budget. From there, we can simply set a date and help you with your move.

Our expert team are trained to move fragile and large items, as well as all of the tiny objects. So, we can offer premium service from start to finish to help pack up, move, and unpack your belongings.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons to choose us. Not only do we care for your belongings like they are our own, but we also have over 15 years of experience in the field of moving both houses and businesses.

For moving day, we can help pack your goods and we supply our own packing materials. So, all you need to do when using our services is to book with us and we will take care of the rest. We use heavy-duty packing crates at no extra cost to you, which will mean your goods can stay safe during the moving process.

We are up for any challenge so no matter your moving needs, we will ensure to accommodate. Even if your request seems above and beyond what you would normally expect from a removal company, we will ensure to do our best to meet your needs.

Furthermore, we have complete customer satisfaction. With over 200 positive reviews from our previous customers, you can ensure that you will attain the same level of professional service from our team. We ensure to cater to all needs and locations across the UK, so you can be sure to find the best help for moving day.

Our white-glove moving company is rooted in the fine details, so we will ensure to take care of the entire moving process from start to finish. We won’t expect you to pack up the belongings. Instead, we can take care of that for you so that you can focus on the other aspects of moving. We know how hectic moving can be so we will make sure to manage this aspect of moving so that you can attain a stress-free and unrivalled moving process.

What is the average house price in Maidenhead?

Maidenhead is a great place to purchase a property. But how much does a house in Maidenhead actually cost?

The overall average cost of houses in Maidenhead is around £600,000. While this is a high average, Maidenhead boasts excellent transport links to Windsor, Reading, and London – it is less than thirty miles from the capital. This average also takes into account the many different kinds of houses that you can purchase in Maidenhead. These can vary widely in price point, based on the size of the property and its location in Maidenhead. For example, the area of Maidenhead Central is seen as one of the most affordable areas, with an average house price of a little more than £400,000 compared to the overall average.

  • Detached houses: Over the past year, detached homes across Maidenhead were one of the most popular. These houses can sell at anywhere between £660,000 to more than £1 million – with higher price points being common.
  • Semi-detached and terraced houses: Two, three and four-bedroom semi-detached homes are often less expensive than detached houses. Depending on the number of bedrooms, the age of the home and its postcode, you can expect to pay from around £250,000 to over £600,000. Terraced homes can also reach the upper end of that scale, but can begin at a little over £200,000.
  • Flats and apartments: For those seeking a smaller space, Maidenhead flats and apartments come out at an average of around £320,000, with some costing as little as £180,000.

What is the average cost of rent in Maidenhead?

Moving to Maidenhead can be an exciting time. For those looking to rent, what is the average cost of this – and what type of property is available?

The overall average cost of rent in Maidenhead comes out at over £1200 per month. This can vary based on the size of the property, but it is also more than the national average across much of the UK.

  • House rental cost: House rental costs can vary depending on the style of home chosen. For example, a detached home with period or luxury features can be between £2000 and £3000 per month. More typical houses are around £1500 for a detached property, and £1350-£1600 for a semi-detached or terraced home.
  • Flat and apartment rental cost: Flats and apartments can be a more affordable and compact way to live in Maidenhead. This is often ideal for commuters. For purpose-built apartment blocks, you can pay as much as or more than you might for a house. An apartment in such a block could cost around £1500 to £2000, with a studio flat or one bedroom elsewhere costing as little as £900 per month.
  • House share cost: For those seeking a house share, the overall rental cost can be much lower. Shared properties can cost around £500 per tenant, and may have bills included in the rental cost.

Things to Do in Maidenhead

As a popular market town in a beautiful location, there is plenty to see and do in and around Maidenhead. You will find cinemas and places to eat, as well as some incredible days out.

  • Bray Lake: Bray Lake is a beautiful spot for Maidenhead residents to visit – especially those who love watersports. There is a range of different water sports on offer here. You can try kayaking, sail a dinghy, or even enjoy a swim in the natural open waters.
  • BCA Zoo: For those with children and animal lovers, BCA Zoo is a must-visit. You can see exotic animals like meerkats, lemurs and African pygmy goats, as well as more familiar creatures. Booking a visit means you can learn all about these fascinating animals.
  • Ray Mill Island: Get to know the natural beauty of the Maidenhead area when you visit Ray Mill Island. With a countryside park and gardens, the island itself takes its name from the flour mill that used to operate here. Take a picnic and enjoy the peace and quiet.
  • Maidenhead Heritage Centre: If you are looking to find out more about the history of Maidenhead and the surrounding area, then the Maidenhead Heritage Centre is a great choice. This museum traces Maidenhead’s history from Roman times to the modern day.
  • Windsor Castle: Heading a little further afield, Windsor Castle is less than seven miles from Maidenhead. This offers a wonderful day out to both locals and newcomers to the area. There are also tours of Windsor, both on foot and on buses, so you can learn more about this historic spot.

Schools & Education in Maidenhead

If you are moving to Maidenhead with children, finding the right school is essential. What does the area have to offer in terms of education?

  • Pre-school and nursery school: For those with young children, there are many options for pre-schools or nursery schools with an Ofsted rating of Outstanding. Boyne Hill CofE Infant and Nursery School care for children from ages 3-7, while Birdwood Nursery offers sessional day care for young children. Braywick Court School, an academy, takes children from ages 2-11.
  • Primary school: For primary-aged children, there are many schools on offer, also with Outstanding ratings. Furze Platt Junior School offers places to children from ages 7-11, while Lowbrook Academy takes on children from 5 years old, as does Oldfield Primary.
  • Secondary school: When it comes to secondary or senior schools, there are single and mixed-gender options with high ratings from parents and Ofsted alike. Furze Platt Senior School is a mixed-gender school that educates children up to the age of 18, while Newlands Girls School is one of the highest-rated schools in the area offering places to 11-18-year-old girls. Desborough College is a boys’ school for the same age range, which also comes highly recommended.

House Removal in Maidenhead

Starting with house removal, which is the most common service customers ask for, we can get you to move your home down the street, to the next town, or across the UK. Our team will ensure to cater to your needs no matter where you need to relocate your belongings.

There is enough stress and worries to deal with when you are moving, without having to think about moving all of your goods. Therefore, choosing our expert team will ensure to take as much stress as possible out of moving day. You won’t even need to worry about packing up your possessions, as we can do it all for you.

We are delighted to let our customers know that we are one of the top UK removal services, for both homes and businesses. Therefore, you can rely on us and trust us to help you successfully complete your move on time and with the utmost safety of your goods.

Seeing as house removals can often change in date or times, we are flexible so that we can fit around your needs and timeframe. With a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, it is clear that we leave our customers happy. We treat our customer’s belongings just as we would our own, so you can trust us to take good care of you and your goods when you move.

Office Removals in Maidenhead

No matter if you are moving into your first office or needing to relocate, we can help with business removals. We can help you move across town or across the UK. Moving your office is a huge deal and it isn’t something that you should do alone. Therefore, it is best to choose a reputable business removals service.

You will have plenty of other important business matters to attend to, so you won’t want to worry about moving your heavy desks and expensive equipment. Leaving it to the professionals is the best idea to make your relocation as stress-free as possible.

We are covered with insurance so your goods will be protected. So, you don’t need to stress about your expensive electronics during moving day.

We move everything you can imagine. We love a challenge so feel free to ask us to help with your most complex business removal needs.

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How much does a removal company cost in Maidenhead?

The cost of the removal process will all depend on the size of your building and how many goods you need to move. Each project is different, so it is impossible to give a set price. However, you can easily get a free quote for your house or business removal by using our online quota service. Using this, you will get an accurate cost within minutes.

We offer competitive prices so there will certainly be a price to satisfy your budget.

How do I choose a removals company in Maidenhead?

When you are looking to make a move to or within Maidenhead, it is essential to do as much research as possible. Don’t just opt for the cheapest choice as this might not be the most reliable and trustworthy removals company. Look for reviews, ask around for word-of-mouth recommendations, and choose a trusted company. Blue Sky Relocation has a wide range of removals experience. In fact, we have been helping people move for over fifteen years, and our team is skilled in both home and office relocations. Our service is always friendly, flexible and reliable - with a host of options to ensure you have the best possible moving day.

What is the best time for moving in Maidenhead?

When you move in Maidenhead is ultimately up to you - sometimes you can’t tailor the timing exactly right. However, it is worth considering that the warmer seasons are usually the best months to make a move. Spring is a good time for buying and selling property, and the summer months see a huge amount of people moving house. August is usually an especially busy time, due to this being the period when the school summer holidays fall. On the other hand, if you have more flexibility with your schedule, then moving outside of these peak weeks can give you a better choice of dates.

How can I obtain a fixed quote for my Maidenhead removals?

It’s easy to receive a fixed quote for your Maidenhead move when you get in touch with Blue Sky Relocation. Our friendly and professional team will be able to give you a quote when you call or enter your moving information in our online form.

Do you dismantle and reassemble my furniture?

We believe that your move should be as simple as it can be. Our removals team will be happy to support you by dismantling and reassembling your furniture on moving day. This is a standard part of what we offer, and we have the knowledge to achieve this without ever harming your furniture.

How do I move house in Maidenhead?

Moving house in Maidenhead might sound like a big challenge, but Blue Sky Relocation is here to take the weight off your shoulders. Once you have booked our moving service, the rest of your move will be much more smooth. We can help you with a variety of common moving difficulties, like packing and lifting items. We can even support you once you arrive at your new property, so you can effortlessly settle into your brand new home.

Do you provide wardrobe boxes?

We are able to provide you with a variety of packaging options to make packing your possessions straightforward and secure. This includes all-important wardrobe cartons, giving you the best chance of packing in an organised and efficient manner. You’ll be pleased to know that these wardrobe boxes are free for the day, and we will take them away afterwards.

Is Blue Sky Removals Maidenhead Insured?

Seeking out a fully insured removals company is vital to feeling that your precious possessions will be secure and well taken care of at every stage of your move. Blue Sky Relocation is covered by removals insurance. Our fixed quotes come with an insurance of up to £50,000 (T&Cs applies) for Maidenhead removals, and you can always enquire about the amount of coverage you will need for full peace of mind.

What time will your team arrive on the day of my move?

On your moving day, there is nothing worse than waiting around for the action to happen! We generally aim to arrive as early as possible, with the standard time of arrival falling between 8-9 am. This means that you have the opportunity to either package your possessions yourself with our materials (these can be provided before we arrive), or we can package them for you.

What if I need to change my moving date?

Moving house is expensive, so we know that you don’t want to incur any extra costs. We won’t charge you for adjusting your moving date - we know that things can change during this busy and hectic time. And if you need to cancel with us, we won’t charge fees for this, either. Your Blue Sky Relocation booking won’t cost you anything extra, even if complications arise.

What's included when you book at Maidenhead’s favourite removals company?

When you choose to make your big move with us, we will provide a high-quality and professional service within Maidenhead and beyond. We can assist you in packing, provide packaging materials and move everything. We will even unload them at the other end of the journey into the rooms of your choice.

Why our Maidenhead movers are different?

Every move is different, and at Blue Sky Relocation we understand that you need a removals service that suits you. We tailor every move to meet your unique needs, giving you the best price possible for our excellent service in Maidenhead. With a wealth of experience and second-to-none flexibility, you can feel safe with us from your initial quote to unpacking your new home.

How soon should I book a removal company in Maidenhead?

You should always book your removal service as early as possible when planning your Maidenhead move. When you book with us, we can help you to prepare and find out your exact needs so that you feel safe knowing your move will be well taken care of.

Do I pack my own belongings, or do the removal company do the packing for me?

With Blue Sky Relocation, the choice is yours! If you want to pack everything yourself, we can offer packing materials for your use. Or we can pack for you to make your move less intensive. It’s completely up to you and how you want to move house.

Will you place our furniture in appropriate rooms in our new home?

Settling into a new home can be tough! Blue Sky Relocation’s experienced professionals will always help you to place your furniture in the right spaces. Just let us know where you want your furniture and we’ll make it happen.