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White Glove Movers Surrey White Glove Movers Surrey

Free dismantling and reassembly of your furniture (Beds, wardrobes, dining tables etc.)
Free dismantling and reassembly of your furniture (Beds, wardrobes, dining tables etc.)
No cancellation charges AND date changes are free of charge as many times as you need.
No cancellation charges AND date changes are free of charge as many times as you need.
Our quotes have insurance already included up to £50,000 (T&Cs applies)
Our quotes have insurance already included up to £50,000 (T&Cs applies)
No key-waiting time charges for any delays you may incur at the delivery address to get the keys.
No key-waiting time charges for any delays you may incur at the delivery address to get the keys.

Removals in Surrey

Home and Office Moves in and around Surrey

Relocating home or office in Surrey? BlueSky is an established and friendly removals company located in Surrey and cover the surrounding areas. We tailor our services to your specific requirements, providing a bespoke removal solution. Whatever your specific needs or budget are, we listen and work with you.

The Trusted Removals Company

Whether you’re moving an entire office to a new location or need a professional to move a piano without damaging it, our trustworthy and reliable team will ensure a smooth removal from start to finish. Our team are provided with purpose-built vehicles and are trained to a high level, meaning we can offer an outstanding level of customer service and quality, which gives you peace of mind and hopefully make your move a lot less stressful.

Best Locations To Live in Surrey

Surrey is a large region spanning the southwestern part of London and beyond. Choosing which town to move to in Surrey can be a challenge so to help your browsing process we prepared this guide.

The largest town in Surrey is also home to the University of Surrey. Attractive for professionals and families due to London connections and vibrant social life. Cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and high property prices can also be found here.


A historic town just 5 miles south of Guilford and home to the Charterhouse School (one of the top boarding schools in the UK). Lots of quiet green spaces and a great alternative to Guilford.

Ranked 3rd in the UK for quality of life, Camberley is a medium-sized town west of London with lots of amenities especially for sports fans.

A commuter town just a 30-minute rail ride to London and the second most expensive place to live outside of London. Highly-rated education, access to nature and cities, combined with low crime rates make this an ideal place to live and work.

Only 24 minutes by train to London makes Woking ideal for commuters and more affordable than Guilford. It also stands on its own with plenty of shops, entertainment, and restaurants to choose from. Many describe Woking as a little London so if you are seeking respite, this is not the town for you.

An ideal place to live for commuters and students at The University for the Creative Arts and excellent secondary schools are located in this town.

Perfect for first-time buyers and families, Reigate offers a community-oriented town with plenty of events, food festivals, and green spaces.

Affluent area with stunning mansions and the idyllic English countryside. One of the more expensive places in Surrey it is also home to some Premier League footballers

If farmers markets, independent shops, and nature speak to you then maybe Cranleigh is a town for you and your family.

Virginia Water
A very exclusive town with some of the most expensive houses on the market with close proximity to Windsor Castle as well as a direct rail to London Waterloo.

A blend of amenities and green spaces along with some of the top schools in all of England.

Property Prices in Surrey

Typically we would share property prices and compare them with nearby towns or cities but since Surrey is a region with a wide range of prices averages don’t paint the right picture. Depending on what you are looking for and your budget can drastically change where you should be looking for homes in Surrey.

Schools and Education in Surrey

Surrey is home to some of the best schools in the whole country. Gordon’s School in Woking was ranked the 2nd highest state boarding school in the UK. There are hundreds of highly rated primary and secondary schools available. Of the 538 schools and colleges with Ofsted rating, 117 of them have Outstanding.

The University of Surrey is located in Guilford and has a strong research interest, low student to faculty ratio, and offers programs in food science, hospitality, nursing, languages, engineering, and more.

Transport and Commuting in Surrey

Surrey’s appeal is its proximity to London but also for its forested countryside, stunning mansions, and top-rated schools. If living in Surrey then you will get to take advantage of all of the great transport links across the region.

Buses have regular routes throughout Surrey and into London.

National Rail has 84 stations across the region benefiting from the South Western Railway, Southern, Thameslink, and the Great Western Railway.

Woking is a favourite location for London commuters due to being just 24 minutes away by train.

Surrey also benefits from being incredibly close to Heathrow International Airport and Gatwick Airport. From Guildford, the drive is just around 35-40 minutes to either one.

Jobs and Employment in Surrey

As of May 2021, Indeed is listing over 91,000 jobs within 25 miles of Surrey. Jobs ranging from permanent full-time contracts to part-time, internships, and apprenticeships. Over 40,000 of them for full-time positions in industries such as sales, healthcare, education, construction, technology, finance, and more.

The median salary in Southampton in 2020 varies quite drastically depending on where you live. Epsom and Ewell have an average salary of £30,800 whereas Reigate and Banstead are £52,700. Compared to the national average of £38,600 one can make more or less depending on which region they work in Surrey.

Cost of Living in Surrey

Consumer prices in Surrey are 6% lower than in London, rent is 30% lower, and groceries are 3% lower. Due to Surrey being a large region that occupies parts of London the cost of living is quite similar.

Services and Resources in Surrey

Broadband Providers

Virgin Media, BT, Vodafone, Box Broadband

Energy Suppliers

UK Power, Southern Electric

Things to Do in Surrey

Thorpe Park Resort
A famous amusement park with the UK’s fastest roller coaster.

RHS Garden Wisley
The Royal Horticultural Society’s garden is the second most visited paid-entry garden in the UK.

Guildford Castle
A ruined castle said to be built around 1066 for defence against the Normans

Watts Gallery Artists’ Village
Located in the Surrey Hills you can find a unique village dedicated to the life and work of Victorian-era artist, G.F. Watts.

Hampton Court Palace

One of King Henry VIII’s favourite residences just within reach of London. Today it is a well-beloved tourist attraction.

House Removals Surrey

BlueSky Removals are one of the longest standing moving companies in Surrey and has a wealth of experience moving houses in and out of the area. We’ve worked with a large number of customers in Surrey and beyond, providing a range of specialised moving services to help them move with ease and reassurance.

We aim to make the experience straightforward and enjoyable for our customers. With years of experience, we understand that moving chains can cause inconvenience and delay moving dates, so we offer a flexible approach working with you. From the moment you contact us, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote to give you a reliable idea of how much our services will cost. We’ll ensure that we understand your exact instructions and requirements for specific items that you want to move so all your belongings are handled appropriately.

So if you’re searching for a painless home move, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts here at BlueSky.

Office Removals Surrey

Moving an office can be a huge pain. You might have heavy machinery that you can barely move, you could have a huge collection of customers, and you might be worried about privacy concerns when moving paper documents.

Whether you’ve got heavy machinery, a large amount of computer equipment, or confidential documents, Bluesky Relocation can help you relocate the whole of your office or business, to where it needs to be.

As expert bespoke office movers in Surrey, we’re familiar with the common quirks and concerns that come with office moving. That’s why we can provide you with an outstanding level of service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

We focus on minimal downtime to ensure that you’re able to continue working the same day that your office move is complete. We’ll also offer tips and advice on how to move specific large items, and we’ll join your team in planning every little detail to make sure that your office move is as smooth as possible.

Questions about our services? View our FAQ page.

Our Values

Careful      Affordable     Punctual     Adaptable

We pride ourselves on being one of the best moving companies in Surrey, and we know it’s our job to make moving day go as smoothly as possible for you.

We always put in 110% to ensure your move goes to plan, whether this means setting off at 4 am or working until nightfall. We treat every move as if it were our own, with care and attention, to ensure your possessions are looked after throughout, and your new home or office space is treated with respect and consideration.

We are experts when it comes to removals. Regardless if you’re moving into a new home or office, you can rely on us to provide an outstanding level of service that will exceed your expectations in every way.

When planning your move in or around Surrey, choose a company you can trust. Get a quote from BlueSky today.

Surrey Moving Guide

With years of experience moving houses and offices in Surrey, we’ve come to know and love the area. We’ve put together a brief moving guide so you can get as prepared as possible for your big move.

Surrey is one of the most ideal places to live in the UK, but that also means it comes with a price tag. There is a high quality of life and close proximity to London paired with low crime rates and top educational institutions making Surrey an excellent choice for families, young professionals, students, and the affluent.

Surrey is known for being forested countryside with stunning period mansions, golf courses, and even horse racing. It has all the amenities of London with the setting of the English countryside.

This county is made up of 11 regions and 1.1 million people. Guilford is the county city, being the centre of Surrey. The other major urban area in Surrey is Woking which is a top choice for London commuters.

BlueSky Removals Surrey

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Modern vans and equipment - Professional removal company in Surrey

As part of our dedication to our customers, we equip all of our staff with the latest in modern removals equipment and tools. We use purpose-built vans and lorries that are designed to store your items safely, and we carry plenty of extra tools to ensure that we can safely lift up heavy and oddly-shaped pieces of furniture.

This will protect both our staff and also your items from being scratched, dropped or damaged in transit.

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How do I choose a removals company in Surrey?

When choosing a removals company in Surrey, conduct research into the most trusted removals business in the area. At Blue Sky Relocation, we have over 15 years of experience and offer specialist removals for your home or office building, so you can rely on our team to deliver a professional and efficient service straight to your new front door.

What is the best time for moving in Surrey?

If you're planning a move, often the best time of year is the end of spring or the end of the summer holidays. The summer season is actually the most popular time of year for people moving houses, with August often taking the lead for the busiest moving month. If you have a choice on when you're moving house, try to avoid peak periods to ensure you can access our services across Surrey.

How can I obtain a fixed quote for my Surrey removals?

You can obtain a fixed for your Surrey removals by simply contacting a member of our team at Blue Sky Relocation. To contact us directly about arranging a fixed quote, you can call 01932 552306 or fill or online quote form. You can get an instant price for your removals on our website.

Do you dismantle and reassemble my furniture?

Yes, we do. Here at Blue Sky Relocation, we safely and securely dismantle and reassemble your furniture for you during the move. You don't need to worry about dismantling all of your furniture before our team arrives, as it's part of our service. You can trust us to safely dismantle and reassemble your furniture without damage.

How do I move house in Surrey?

You move house by choosing Surrey's must-have removal company, Blue Sky Relocation. By booking our removal services, the process of moving house will be a breeze. From the get-go, our team can help you pack up all of your belongings and furniture and safely transport them to your new property. Once there, our team can help you unpack and begin to organise your new home. Before you know it, you've moved house!

Do you provide wardrobe boxes?

Yes, we do. Here at Blue Sky Removals, we provide a wide range of packing materials for your move, including wardrobe cartons. Our packing materials help you to organise your possessions so you can easily find them at your new location. Our wardrobe cartons are completely free of charge for a day's use.

Is Blue Sky Removals Surrey insured?

Yes, we are. Blue Sky Relocations do have removals insurance, meaning you can rest easy and let us handle your removals without worry. In fact, the removal quotes that we offer are already insured up to £50,000. To find out more about our insurance at Blue Sky Relocation, or to hear about our terms and conditions, don't hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team on 01932 552306.

What time will your team arrive on the day of my move?

On the day of your big move, our removals typically arrive early in the morning, usually between 8 am and 9 am. If you'd like to pack your furniture and your belongings yourself, we understand this, and we can provide you with packing materials the day before your big move.

What if I need to change my moving date?

If you need to change your moving date, don't worry. Here at Blue Sky Relocation, we don't charge our customers for changing the date of their big move. We're always mindful that moves can be complicated, which is why we ensure our customers have some wiggle room around their removal dates. If you have to completely cancel our removal services, fear not! We don't have cancellation charges either.

What's included when you book at Surrey's favourite removals company?

When you book with us at Blue Sky Relocation, you can depend on a stellar service. When you book with us, Surrey's favourite removals company, we can assist with every step of your process. By booking with us, we can pack up your belongings, remove them from your home, load them onto a transport vehicle, transport your belongings and furniture, unload them at your new home and help you unpack. We meant it when we said we can help you with every step of the removals process.

Why our Surrey movers are different?

Our Surrey movers at Blue Sky Relocation are different because we offer a bespoke service to each of our customers. Our removals service is uniquely tailored to our customers, meeting their requirements without extra hassle. Our prices are fair and affordable and our customer service is always first-class. Every member of our team is well-experienced and on hand to support you through every stage of your move. No matter what, you can depend on our safe, secure and reliable removal services.

How soon should I book a removal company in Surrey?

If you're planning a move soon, we recommend booking our removal services straight away. We're always on hand to arrange removals and plan ahead for your big move. Even if your move is months in advance, we'd love to get you booked in. To book our effective removal services, all you have to do is contact a member of our team by calling us.

Do I pack my own belongings, or do the removal company do the packing for me?

It's your choice. We understand that some people like to pack their own belongings, and for this, we can offer high-quality packing materials. If, however, you'd prefer to let us pack your belongings, that's also possible. Here at Blue Sky Relocation, our team are experts at packing, meaning you can rely on us to effectively organise and pack your belongings ready for your move. Our high-quality packing materials ensure that your belongings are always protected and secure during the removal and transportation process.

Will you place furniture into appropriate rooms in our new home?

Yes, we will. If you'd like us to begin placing your furniture in the correct places in your new home, we can do this at no extra cost. Don't worry about our team leaving you with a heavy sofa to move. Our trained professional movers can easily place your furniture in the appropriate rooms following your arrival.

How much does it cost to move house in Surrey?

The cost of moving house in Surrey depends very much on the size of your property and the nature of the service you want. At Blue Sky Relocation in Surrey, we offer highly competitive all-inclusive quotes designed to meet our customers' exact needs - whether you want a basic moving service, or our full 'white glove' service, which includes packing, moving, and furniture assembly and disassembly, all with a nominated removals manager to assist and answer questions. To find out more, please contact our friendly team.