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Moving House Dream, What Does it Mean?

Posted: December 23, 2021 at 1:58 pm

Dreams are believed to have symbolic meanings, and when studied, can help us discover our true feelings.

For many people, a moving house dream is rare, however, in other people, this can be a regular dream that changes to reflect situations in that person’s life at that time. Whether you have a dream about moving into a new house, dream of moving to a horrible house or have dreams about different people in your life moving, they are all thought to be your subconscious mind speaking.

It is common for people who are in the process of moving house to have moving house dreams as this can represent the underlying anxiety of moving. Moving house dreams that occur unprovoked by a house move, are thought of as having the greatest significance and can usually be put down to a deeper change internally.

Moving house represents a major life change, and dreaming about moving into a new house can also represent this and reflect a desire to make changes in our lives, or reflect a personal change we are currently going through such as changing jobs or a change in a relationship.

There are various different types of moving house dreams people experience. We’ve highlighted some of the most common moving house dreams and what they have been interpreted to mean.

Dream About Moving Into A New House

When you dream about moving into a new house, this is thought to represent a desire to start a new path in life, potentially a new family. When looking to start a new path in your life, changing your environment and space is thought to be one of the key ways to begin doing so. This type of moving house dream symbolises a need for positive change, and it invites you to do this in your everyday life.

Dreaming about moving into a new house is usually considered a good dream and it can also indicate you might have suddenly received some good news. Prepare for a positive change in your life.

Dreaming of Moving To An Old or Childhood Home

If you dreamt that you moved back to an old home or a childhood home, this is a clear indication that you miss the past and you wish to re-affiliate with your past self. This could be the nostalgia of a past period in your life, the innocence of being a child, or an urge to reconnect with old friends, lost family and reminisce.

This dream could also occur if you have recently moved to a place far away from your old home and you are missing it.

Dream of Moving To a Horrible House

A dream of moving to a horrible house is unfortunately thought of as a negative dream that requires reflection and attention. This dream is argued to indicate feelings of regret and that you have not learnt from your past mistakes. If you’re worried about a dream of moving to a horrible house, take time out to look at what problems you have in your life and work through these to alleviate pressure on yourself.

If you dream of moving to a horrible house while undergoing a house move, this could imply that you are not 100% on your decision and the changes that occur, financially and emotionally, as a result of the move may be taking a toll on your personal life.

Dreaming of moving in with another person
This dream shows a particularly strong bond between you and that person. You might feel safe and secure around this person, and look to either deepen this bond by moving in together, or if it is someone you are in a relationship with you could be hoping to take your relationship to the next level if you don’t already live together.

Dream of Moving House and Regretting It

When you have a dream of moving house and regretting it, this could indicate that you are feeling unsatisfied about something. This could be your subconscious telling you that you have emotions that are holding you back or you are deeply undecided about something in your life.

Dream of Someone Moving Into Your Home

The meaning of a dream of someone moving into your home varies depending on the reaction you have to them in your dream and who they are.

If you dream that someone you like moves into your home, this could mean you are happy with the changes in your life, in fact, you are at peace with them.

If you dream that someone you dislike moves into your home, this could mean that there are changes happening in your life, that are not good for you and you are dissatisfied by this change.

Dream of Your Ex-Partner moving in
It is normal to have dreams about people who used to be in your life, particularly those that we had strong feelings towards. Dreaming about your ex-partner moving in could be a sign that you still have feelings towards them, or you have not fully moved on from that relationship. You may have not fully moved on and this could be a sign to move forward with your life and look towards the future.

Dream of Helping Someone Else Move
As an outsider looking in, if you are helping someone else move this can imply you have a fear of change. Whether this is implementing changes in your life positively, or any change at all.

The common factor in all dreams is change. This could be a positive or negative change or maybe you’re not sure what a change might bring yet, either way, your dreams could be reflecting unrest or excitement building up inside of you. Moving house dreams also allow you to escape stressful and conflicted situations you may be experiencing, as well as project fears or hopes for the future.

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