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Moving house with children

Posted: February 12, 2021 at 5:39 pm

Moving house with the kids isn’t always easy. There’s already so much to do, and children don’t understand the amount of stress that comes with moving. Not to mention it can be a stressful experience for them as well, which puts more pressure on you to make things run smoothly.

So, how do you manage the big move when you have little ones running under your feet?

In this guide, we will help you juggle the stress of moving house with keeping the kids happy and calm. We know how difficult it can be, and we are here to make it easier for you.

Communicate with Them

You’re going to need to talk them through the process. Let them know what is happening, why, and reassure them that this isn’t a terrifying experience. Tell them about how much of an adventure it will be and make it something that they feel excited about.

Take Them on a Tour

Let the kids see their new home before you move in. They will get used to the new environment, you can show them their room, even ask how they would like it to be decorated. Getting them involved and making them feel as though they have a role to play in the process definitely helps.

Make Sure They Talk About it

Sometimes children will keep their feelings inside. Possibly because they do not know how to communicate them or because they feel like they cannot talk about what’s bothering them. Throughout the process, ask them how they are and how they are coping. Keep talking.

Moving Can Be a Game

Make the process more fun by turning it into a game – something that gets your child excited and motivates them. This is especially true for packing, which can become a fantastic game that encourages them to get their own stuff together and get involved in the moving process.

Talk to Them About the Area

Tell them more about where you will be moving to and what the area has to offer. Show them all the exciting activities that they have to look forward to, and make plans for a few trips after you have moved in. This gives them something to be excited about and take their mind off the stress of moving.

Choose the Moving Day Together

This is such an important part, and choosing the moving day together means that your child feels actively involved in the process and as though their feelings matter. You can also ensure they are comfortable with the date and give them time to prepare as well as adjust.

Give Them Time

Kids are surprisingly adaptable, but that doesn’t mean change is always easy. You need to give them time to prepare themselves and get used to their new surroundings. Let them say goodbye to school friends and be prepared for them to act out for a while as they settle into their new life.

To Conclude

It won’t always be a smooth process, and you can expect some resistance. However, following this advice will help to ease their mind and soothe them when things feel overwhelming. Just remember to take things slow and keep those lines of communication open so that they are able to talk to you about their fears and concerns.

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