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How to pack when you move house

Posted: February 12, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Moving home can seem like too big of a job for one or two people to handle by themselves. You look around a property that has been your happy place for a few months, a year, five years… Maybe ten or more. During this, you wonder how on earth you’re going to fit your entire lives in boxes without the task taking weeks.

The first thing that people do is start shoving small knick-knacks into whatever boxes they have lying around. No one ever has big house-moving boxes as seen in their favourite TV shows and movies. The boxes that we have are thin cardboard boxes from our most recent deliveries.

Moving is a Herculean task. If you have the time to spare and the weeks to plan ahead, it’s not so bad, but let’s say you’ve only got a week or two. How do you pack everything up and move it all within that timeframe if you don’t have any help?

It’s our opinion that no renter or homeowner should struggle during the moving process, whether they have two months or two days to get everything ready to go and gone.

Hire a removals company

Here at BlueSky Relocation, we have several packages that are designed to help even the busiest of households with their moving goals. When we say you won’t have to lift a finger, we mean it. Our relocating professionals will pack everything you want them to pack for you, in boxes that our business supplies, and we’ll get them to your final destination as soon as you want us to.

We also provide storage where needed!

But in the event that you’d rather pack and move by yourself, we have a few tips in the following sections for you.

Use bags and boxes

Happen to have any of those strong bags for life from supermarkets lying around? These are perfect for heavier items that might break a thin cardboard box. Not all cardboard boxes are heavy duty, and we’ve seen far too many books scattered on the ground from clients that have had packing issues before they contacted us.

And we’re not talking about the ones that cost 20 to 50 pence at the till now, but the woven and strong plastic ones that are near the tills. They typically cost around £1-£2 each. You likely have a few stashed away in a cupboard somewhere.

If you are using boxes, be careful about the weight that you put into them and make sure you wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or layers of plastic bags.

Pack each room

For easier unpacking when you reach your next home, try to keep the items in each room of your house in the same set of boxes and bags – and don’t forget to label the packaging so that it mentions which room everything came from.

This will ensure that nothing gets lost, and you’ll be able to pack and unpack more efficiently during the moving process.

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