How to take plants when moving house

February 12th, 2021
How to take plants when moving house

How to Take Plants When Moving House

Plants are an easy way of giving indoor spaces an outdoor feel. You have spent months and even years caring for the plants, making it hard to leave them behind when moving houses.

Thankfully, it is possible to move plants to your new house safely. 

How you go about moving your plants depends on the type of plants they are. Potted plants are easier to move compared to outdoor or larger indoor plants.

Here is a comprehensive guide on moving indoor and outdoor plants. 



Moving houseplants 

Houseplants are usually small plants that are the easiest to move. With these types of plants, it is possible to move them in their current pots by placing them in an open box ready for transportation. Depending on the size of the pot and the box, ensure you stuff the spaces in the box to minimise movement of the plant during transit. 

Most removal companies do not move plants. Therefore, you need to make appropriate plans to move them in a separate vehicle, preferably the vehicle you will be travelling in. This is the best choice since you can regulate the car’s temperature to suit the plant’s needs through the travel. 

Large houseplants 

For large houseplants, it is a good idea to trim or prune them before packing them for the move. If you are moving in the cold season, remember to wrap the plants with newspaper pages to insulate them. Most indoor plants are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Wrapping them ensures they remain as stable as possible for the move.

Moving long distance

If you are moving a long distance, you need to ensure you care for your plants through your journey. Treat them as you would if you were still in the house. If you need to stop over for the night, ensure you bring the plants inside with you as the car can get too cold or too hot at night, which can kill the plants. 

If you are worried about a long road trip for your plants, you can always pay a plant removal specialist to help with relocating your houseplants. 

Moving outdoor plants 

Outdoor plants are a bit demanding when moving. Before you decide on moving your outdoor plants, remember that sometimes it is better to leave some plants in their natural environment, and some plants can be too complicated to move. 

Before you start moving outdoor plants, you need to trim them first. This will make them easier to transport and is good for the regrowth process once you plant them in your new garden. Also, ensure you water them to keep the roots and soil moist through the move. 

Digging up the plant 

To be able to move outdoor plants successfully, you need to transport it with some of the soil. Dig up the plant and ensure you leave enough soil around the root to ensure you retain as much of it as possible. 

With smaller outdoor plants, the root and soul can be placed in a paper bag for better ventilation. For large outdoors plants and shrubs, you need to wrap the root ball with burlap to keep everything together. Outdoor plants can remain wrapped for up to a few weeks as long as they are watered and well maintained. 


Once you get to your new home, ensure you replant all the plants soonest possible for them to start adjusting to new conditions. With time and proper care, the plants will flourish in the new environment.