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How much does it cost to move a 4 bedroom house UK?

Posted: October 15, 2022 at 10:40 am

Whatever the circumstances, moving house can be stressful. But, for larger properties, it means you have more to pack and if you have a family, there will be a lot more to organise. On top of this, you need to change over your utility providers, potentially take time off work and find a high-quality removal company.

A lot of people think that they can save money by moving themselves without hiring a professional. However, the cost to hire and ensure your own vehicle and your belongings can add up to even more than a removals company. As well as this, a removals company have a wealth of experience and equipment ready to prepare and process your move far more efficiently. Plus, it’ll take away the stress as someone else is doing the heavy lifting for you.

Although that being said, it can be hard to find a remover that can offer you the same level of quality for a fair price. It’s important you hire the right company for your moving day to go according to plan.

So, what are the removal costs of a 4-bed house? The average cost of a full-service removal company can range from £1,000 to £5,000, which includes packing and unpacking services, transportation, and insurance. It’s best to get quotes from several reputable removal companies in your area to get an accurate estimate of the costs involved.

Blue Sky Relocation have put together this guide to talk you through how you know you’re getting a good deal along with Top Tips to Keep Removal Costs Low:


Declutter Your Belongings

It makes sense that the less that you take with you to your new house, the easier and cheaper it will be. With less furniture and boxes, the removal company will be able to get you on the road faster, as well as the added bonus that’ll you have less to unpack in your new home.

If there are any belongings that you want to get rid of but are of decent quality, you could sell them online. A lot of people look for second-hand furniture and white goods. Failing that, you could donate them to a charity shop.


Pre-Move Survey

We recommend you get a few removal companies to do a pre-move survey. This is where they’ll assess your needs and how much need to move to your new property. They then will be able to provide you with a more accurate removal quote. This quote is based on how much stuff you require moving, so again, it’s important to declutter before doing this.

Don’t forget to inform the company of items that can’t be seen in the pre-move survey, for example, belongings in the loft or shed.

After receiving your quotes, it’s best to compare different removal partners and go for the one that gives you a better deal and reliable service.


Packing Services

Once you have your pre-move survey quote, the next thing to consider is if you need any extra services. These could include packing materials and services.

  • Packing Materials: It’s a good thing to check whether any packing materials are included in the price quoted. If they aren’t, the removal company will have some that you could buy separately, or you could get cardboard boxes from elsewhere.
  • Packing and Unpacking Services: If you require the removal company to pack your items for you, you can expect to pay around £250 depending on how much requires packing and the same again if you’d like them to unpack for you.
  • Dismantling and Re-Assembly: Generally, any removals company would expect everything to be ready to move when they arrive, unless they have been told otherwise at the pre-move survey. So, if you require them to dismantle and re-assemble any furniture, make sure you confirm this with them beforehand.


The Cost of Hiring a Removal Van

If you prefer to move your items without using a removal company, you can hire a removal van. A Ford Transit Luton van with a 3500 kg capacity, travelling 45 miles, will cost you about £124.30 for the day. Again, the cost depends on the distance and the size of the van.


Overall Removal Costs for a 4-Bed House

Generally, the removal costs for a 4-bed house depends on how far you’re moving. Some UK removal companies offer fixed prices, while others may charge based on miles travelled.

Distance Average Cost
50 miles £1240
100 miles £1280
150 miles £1360
200 miles £1440
250 miles £1520


*Note: These rates can change from one removal company to the next.

Companies which charge per mile are slightly more expensive and generally charge £1 per mile.

These prices may seem like a lot, especially after paying your deposit on your new property, however, it’s worth noting how stressful moving can be without professional help.

Moving a 4-bedroom house will be a great deal to pack away and if you do decide to move by yourself, you may not have a long enough vehicle available to transport everything. This means you may need to make multiple trips and if you’re moving far away, it will definitely be time-consuming and tiring.

In short, even if a self-move would be cheaper, it certainly wouldn’t be stress-free!


Ready to Start Moving?

To get the best rates for moving a 4-bedroom house, you can compare different removal companies online. Compare the rates with the cost of hiring a removal van to ensure you make the best decision for your moving needs.

If you need any help with your removal, get a fixed price quote online at Blue Sky Relocation.