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Removals Company in Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15

Even though moving can be a stressful event, BlueSky Relocation will take care of everything, so you can relax knowing that your move is in good hands. We are a reputable moving business committed to offering outstanding moving services that eliminate the stress of your relocation process.


House Removals in Burgess Hill

An exciting new chapter in your life may involve moving to a new residence, but packing, transferring, and unpacking your belongings can be onerous. BlueSky Relocation specialises in Burgess Hill house removals and provides a full range of services to guarantee a flawless transfer to your new home.

Home removal services we offer:


  • Professional Packing: Our knowledgeable staff knows how important it is to pack carefully to protect your possessions throughout the transfer. We offer expert packaging services, protecting your belongings with high-quality packing supplies and methods. We handle everything with care and precision, from delicate china and glassware to large pieces of furniture.
  • Loading and Unloading Techniques: Our knowledgeable movers have received training in effective loading and unloading methods. To ensure the security of your possessions and the surrounding property, they will carefully handle your furniture and boxes while employing the right lifting and handling techniques. We relieve the strain of the laborious lifting so you can concentrate on settling into your new house.
  • Transporting Your Possessions Safely: We have a fleet of well-kept vehicles that can safely deliver your belongings to your new address. Our drivers are qualified experts that will guarantee a safe and easy trip while considering variables like traffic and road conditions to deliver your belongings on schedule.
  • Furniture Assembly and Disassembly: Our staff is proficient in assembling and disassembling larger furniture pieces that need to be ditched for relocation or reassembling in your new residence. We can handle many types of furniture since we have the right equipment and experience, which will save you both energy and time.
  • Storage Options: BlueSky Relocation provides safe storage options in case you need to temporarily store your possessions while you move. Until you’re ready to deliver them to your new home, your goods will be kept safe and safeguarded in our clean, well-maintained facility.


Office Removals in Burgess Hill

Moving your workplace is a significant task that has to be carefully planned and carried out. BlueSky Relocation is an expert in Burgess Hill office removals, offering quick and competent services to ensure your company transitions smoothly.

Office relocation services we offer:


  • Rigorous Planning: We start every office removal job with a rigorous planning phase because we are aware that in the business world, time is money. In order to reduce downtime and disruptions to your business operations, our seasoned staff will work directly with you to comprehend your unique requirements, design a tailored moving strategy, and coordinate all parts of the transfer.
  • Safe and Secure Packing: Our knowledgeable movers have received training in handling office supplies, furniture, electronics, and fragile things with the utmost care. We only utilize high-quality packaging materials to ensure the security and protection of your priceless possessions during transit. We handle every item with accuracy and skill, from computers and servers to desks and chairs.
  • Effective Disassembly and Assembly: If your workplace needs furniture or gadget disassembly and reassembly, our crew is skilled at handling all office setups. We will effectively disassemble and pack your office furniture and equipment to facilitate simple reassembly at your new site. You can set up your new office quickly and efficiently as a result.
  • Handling IT Equipment: We know how important your IT infrastructure is. Our staff takes extra precautions when handling computers, servers, networking hardware, and other technological assets. We may offer specialized packing and transportation options to ensure the safe and secure movement of your critical IT equipment and reduce the possibility of damage or data loss.
  • Secure Storage Solutions: We provide secure storage facilities for short-term storage of office supplies, equipment, or records while moving. Our storage facilities are kept spotless, watched over, and fitted with cutting-edge security systems to keep your belongings secure until you are ready to have them delivered to your new office.



Packing and Unpacking Services in Burgess Hill

Besides physical labor, great planning and attention to detail go into relocation prep. BlueSky Relocation knows that packing and unpacking may be laborious and stressful. To make your relocation as easy and stress-free as possible, we provide expert packing and unpacking services in Burgess Hill.

Our Services for Packing and Unpacking


  • Experienced Packing Team: From fragile china and glassware to heavy furniture and electronics, our trained packers have easily handled them. They ensure your possessions are well-protected throughout transit by employing industry best practices and premium packing supplies.
  • Customized Packing Plans: Since every relocation is different, we provide personalized packing plans to suit your individual requirements. We may adjust our services to meet your needs, whether you want a full-service packing option where our staff does everything or partial packing for particular goods or rooms.
  • Specialized Packing Supplies: Our packing supplies are made to offer your possessions the highest level of security. To protect delicate objects and avoid damage during delivery, we pack them in strong boxes and cushion them with padding materials, bubble wrap, and packing paper. You can relax knowing that your possessions will be packed effectively and safely.
  • Effective Inventory and Labelling: Our packers label each box with distinct and detailed markings, ensuring that your belongings are quickly recognized after unpacking. We also compile a thorough inventory to ensure everything reaches your new home and to assist you in keeping track of your possessions.
  • Unpacking and Setup: When we get to your new residence or place of business, our team can help with setup and unpacking. We meticulously unpack your possessions and arrange them in the locations you specify. Additionally, we can assist with assembling your furniture so you can easily and quickly settle into your new area.


Property Prices in Burgess Hill

Here are Burgess Hill’s standard home prices based on property type:


  • Detached Homes: In Burgess Hill, detached homes typically cost between £500,000 and £700,000.
  • Semi-Detached Homes: A semi-detached home typically costs between £350,000 and £500,000 in Burgess Hill.
  • Terraced Homes: A terraced home typically costs between £300,000 and £400,000 in Burgess Hill.
  • Apartments/Flats: An apartment or flat typically costs between £200,000 and £300,000 in Burgess Hill.


Rental Prices in Burgess Hill

The typical rental rates in Burgess Hill for different types of properties:


  1. The typical monthly rent for a detached home in Burgess Hill runs between £1,800 and £2,900.
  2. Semi-detached homes are often rented between £1,200 – £2,000 per month in Burgess Hill.
  3. Burgess Hill’s terraced property typically rents between £1,000 and £1,800 monthly.
  4. Rent for apartments and flats in Burgess Hill typically runs from £800 to £1,500 per month.


Note: The rental prices can vary, counting on factors such as property extent, zone, condition, and market conditions.


Living Guide in Burgess Hill

A bustling and friendly town called Burgess Hill may be found in the picturesque county of West Sussex. Burgess Hill provides people of all ages with a good quality of life because of its first-rate amenities, lovely surroundings, and easy access to transport. Here is a guide to living in Burgess Hill that will help you learn about its best features:


Location and Accessibility

Burgess Hill is well located, with quick access to urban and rural attractions. It is only 10 miles north of Brighton and 38 miles south of London. The community includes a train station that frequents adjacent towns, including Brighton and London. Major highways like the A23 and A273 also link Burgess Hill to other regions of Sussex and beyond.


Work Opportunities

Burgess Hill has various work options in several industries. The town’s strong commercial community represents diverse businesses, including manufacturing, technology, retail, healthcare, and professional services. International corporations, small businesses, and regional businesses comprise most of the area’s employers. Access to extra job options in Brighton and London is also made possible by the area’s proximity to these cities. Both job seekers and businesses find Burgess Hill a desirable place due to its excellent transport options and advantageous location.


Leisure and Recreation

Burgess Hill’s breathtaking scenery will delight nature lovers. The South Downs National Park is nearby and provides outdoor opportunities like horseback riding, cycling, and hiking. The town’s neighborhood parks, like St. John’s Park and Bedelands Nature Reserve, offer peaceful green spots to enjoy leisurely walks and picnics.


Shopping and Amenities

Burgess Hill is home to a wide variety of shops and amenities to meet the needs of its citizens. Independent shops, high-street chains, supermarkets, and regional establishments coexist in the town center. The Martlets Shopping Centre is a well-liked location for dining, entertainment, and shopping, while the adjoining Burgess Hill Market has a lively atmosphere and a wide selection of stalls.


Crime Rate

Compared to larger urban communities, Burgess Hill is renowned for having a comparatively low crime rate. The town enjoys a strong sense of community and active local law enforcement, enhancing safety and security. However, it is significant to highlight that crime can happen everywhere. Therefore locals are urged to exercise common sense care to protect their lives and property. Through routine patrols and crime prevention measures, the local police department collaborates closely with the community to create a secure environment.


Schools & Education in Burgess Hill

For students of all ages, Burgess Hill provides a wide variety of educational possibilities. Numerous prominent elementary schools, high schools, and postsecondary institutions are located in the town. Following is a list of Burgess Hill’s schools and educational options:


Elementary Schools

Burgess Hill is home to several elementary schools renowned for their commitment to offering an excellent education. Manor Field Elementary School, St Paul’s Catholic Primary School, and Birchwood Grove Primary School are a few of the area’s well-respected elementary schools. These institutions prioritize providing young students with a supportive environment supporting their academic, social, and personal growth.


Secondary Schools

Burgess Hill has several secondary schools offering a thorough curriculum and a positive learning environment for secondary education students. Burgess Hill Academy is a well-liked option for families because it provides a variety of curriculum and extracurricular activities. The institution places a high priority on academic performance and on giving students chances to advance personally.


Further Education

Students in Burgess Hill who are 16 years old and older have access to several colleges and sixth-form facilities nearby. Students can pursue A-levels, vocational training, and apprenticeships in various fields. For individuals looking to broaden their knowledge and skill set, nearby colleges like Plumpton College and Central Sussex College provide additional educational pathways.


Special Education

Burgess Hill provides special education services for students with special needs. The community provides special schools and programs to help kids with a variety of disabilities and learning challenges. These specialized schools, like Woodlands Meed School, offer personalised education plans and support services to cater to each student’s needs.


Things to Do in Burgess Hill

Both locals and visitors will find lots of fun things to do in Burgess Hill. The following list of popular local events and attractions includes:

  1. Explore the bustling town centre with its assortment of stores, cafes, and eateries.
  2. Swim, take fitness courses, play sports, and use the gym at the Triangle Leisure Centre.
  3. Take leisurely strolls around the reserve’s picturesque trails while you take in the natural beauty of Bedelands.
  4. The Martlets Shopping Centre offers a wide range of retail selections, so you can shop to your heart’s content there.
  5. St. John’s Park is great for relaxing outside while enjoying hikes, picnics, and sports.
  6. Visit Cyprus Hall for live shows, concerts, and exhibitions.
  7. Go for a round of golf at one of the golf courses in Burgess Hill, such as the Burgess Hill Golf Centre.
  8. Participate in annual events and festivals held in your neighbourhood.
  9. At the Burgess Hill Museum, you may fully immerse yourself in local history and heritage.
  10. To explore interests and hobbies, join community clubs and organisations.
  11. Investigate the local sights, such as the South Downs National Park, which provides hiking and other outdoor activities.