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Removals Company in Chelsea SW10 London

Are you the one expanding your business and looking shifting to a new home in Chelsea? If yes, then you are in good hands with us! With a massive experience of 15 years in the field of relocating businesses and houses, BlueSky Relocation have built a prominent recognition and name in the UK and vicinity. We are pretty familiar with the hassle that comes around while moving over to a new place or relocating an already settled office.

We have got your back. With our trained team members and staff, driving your home or business would be easy. Satisfying our customers through our services has always been our top priority. Once you choose us, one of our team members will have a survey to overlook the essentials and to know if you want to transfer any items or products or have any other queries. What brought us here is the continuous appreciation from our loyal customers, who appreciate what we do and how we do it. We focus on our primary goal, which is to solve your moving related problems.


House Removals in Chelsea

There is no harm in choosing no house removal services and moving to a new place alone, but it has its risks and discomforts simultaneously. Several factors depend on the house removal, such as; lifting heavy objects for you, accessibility, the distance between the new and the old place, the number of items and the list. With BlueSky, your move can be smoother as we offer an extensive range of services that depends on your budget and needs.

Our trained professionals make sure to cater for all of your belongings with great care and pack them safely and assure the client that their moving will be upon us without any discomfort and loss. We believe in carrying a customer-friendly relationship with our clients so that we get to discuss things beforehand and know if there are any special requirements or any question that is in customers mind.


Why Should You Choose Us?

Considering all the relevant reasons to choose house movers, you cannot deny the fact that they can be your most significant problem solvers at the time of moving. Also, who doesn’t want ease and a perfectly done job? Nothing would be on you as we are here to cater for your needs and ideas.

  • Reduced stress level By choosing a renowned company offering services in the same field, your stress can reach level zero in no time. You will be relaxed that all your essentials and belongings are adequately packed and will get to the desired location in safe hands. You wouldn’t have to look after the process all on your own, and there is no need for your supervision as well.
  • Risk elimination Some companies help you insure items while in transit for a fee. Not one, but there are several risks involved when you plan to move to a new house or a new office, including theft, loss or damage.
  • Cutting costs Specific reasons make it evident for you to relocate your house. Some of it may be elevated house rents or other unavoidable circumstances, which can become a hurdle for the business as well. You may use the rented space or move the archives to storage. This can cut already existing costs. For all this, you would need a professional team of house movers to get everything your way.


Office Removals in Chelsea

The Art Of Moving Homes & Offices The idea of relocating your office can be beneficial in several ways as it helps your entire company to get upgraded the way it looks and works. Some may find reasons to relocate their offices because of a new prime location, business expansion, moving to a new city, or simply finding a more spacious place to move on. Relocating office helps give your brand prominent recognition, highlights your innovative work approaches and strategies, gives your company a solid chance to grow or can be beneficial for you in terms of saving on rent.

Whatever your reason for office relocation, you will always want the best and most professional office removal company in the UK. Who else can take this credit other than BlueSky House and Office Relocation? Well, no one so far!

We at BlueSky Relocation train our team members and educate them about office moves, the pros and cons and the essential key points to keep in mind while doing the process. From loading and unloading to premium full-service office moves, we have it all for our customers to choose within. Hence, you don’t have to think again about handing over your sensitive office equipment and getting them transferred to a new location because we have been in this field for 15 years and know our job quite well. With proper planning and preparation, we begin with our process making sure everything gets done as per customers’ direction.


Why does Only BlueSky Home & Office move Over Everyone Else?

Our office moving services are designed to meet the needs of people who want to relocate their office to a new place. Having an unrivalled experience in the field, you would be confident in choosing us every time. We promise uncompromising customer orientation, punctual delivery and smooth transport.

Let’s get to know why it is essential to hire an experienced team of house and office movers before you make a move.

  • Limiting the business downtime When the team that you have chosen is professional, like Blue Sky Relocation, the moving of objects will be done promptly, and critical mistakes will be avoided throughout the process. The equipment would be packed in the right boxes, and the customers would be facilitated with the right moving supplies, and that’s where Blue Sky aces the race in winning hearts every time in the UK.
  • Expert porterage services Our professionally trained porters are provided with solutions to onsite move and churn. Not only this, you can avail the perks of choosing our porterage services and support your business with easy internal office moving solutions, business storage services, furniture repairs and IT relocation.
  • Secure storage You don’t have to think about the safety of your essentials, as BlueSky helps in providing flexible storage options all across the UK. We securely keep all of your excess office furniture, stock and even valuable equipment safe with us until you need them back again.
  • Crate Rental Services Here at BlueSky, our crates are safe, durable and can be reused, making them an ideal choice for business and office movers. Our storage crate provides the best protection for the goods, be it; IT assets, archiving files or employees’ belongings. We know how to keep them secured with us. Our crates are stackable and sturdy, and that’s what makes your move as easy as it can be. What other reasons do we have to choose our crates?

● Pocket friendly ● Prompt delivery ● User friendly ● Sustainable ● Moveable & Stackable


Packing Services In Chelsea

Imagine you own an office and have recently found a prime new location for relocation. The team is on board, ready to transfer to a new place and there comes the packing day. All you can see are boxes and bodies everywhere; some people are still packing, you are running out of time, and everything is messed up.

Sounds like a nightmare? Sure it does! The good news is to trust a company that knows the job perfectly, none other than BlueSky Home and Office Relocation.


What problems do we face while in the packing process?

Well, the problem begins the day the packing and moving begin. It can be;

  • Rushing
  • IT complications
  • Mismanagement
  •  Non-secure packing

The list goes on while we discuss the problems that come along with the packing day. However, you may bring luck if you choose us for your big day. BlueSky has trained packers who know how to make the most of the time and pack everything perfectly.

The packers know which things need to get packed first and delivered to the new location so that you don’t miss out on your client or your work doesn’t remain pending. Misplacing essentials, rushing and getting things damaged or getting late are all those concerns you may face when you pack the goods with the help of your employees or all on your own. The biggest downfall of these problems is that they jeopardise the timeline, which can cost your business.


What should be done?

  • Schedule regular meetings with relevant departments and guide them accordingly a day before the packing.
  •  Set specific tasks and milestones with the staff members.
  • Pack and label boxes to avoid rush and discomfort at the eleventh hour.
  • Keep a layout of the new location and provide it to the movers.
  • Appoint a company representative at the latest and old site to oversee the situation.
  • Hire a move manager who will be assisting you with the in-house team.

And last but not least, all of these exceptional services are being provided by the professional team at BlueSky. Choose us today, and thank us tomorrow.


Storage in Chelsea

Many people don’t even consider keeping the goods with them when they plan to move to a new place to avoid cluttering. Moving is itself a big task, and the challenges that it brings with itself has no name.

However, some people love their belongings and old goods and don’t wish to discard them. If you don’t want to discard the goods, then you should choose secure storage facilities to remove the problems that come along while keeping them.

Our exceptional team is educated on taking care of the belongings that aren’t currently being used and how to keep them secured if you are not willing to make them a part of your new place.

Whether you want our services for a shorter term or a longer term, we have various packages for our customers. We not only promise well-organised units for storage, but we make sure that it’s our responsibility to keep them clean. There is no hard and fast rule for how long you wish to keep the stuff under our custody; however, there is a specific time that you should give us before we can hand over the goods to you safely.

Hence, our storage services can be the perfect solution for your space issues. Declutter your newly renovated office space and leave the safety of your old goods upon us!


A Guide About Chelsea

Chelsea is popularly known as one of the places that come under in-demand areas for people planning to move to London. Not one, but there are numerous reasons to fall in love with Chelsea. Iconic fashion stores, beautifully constructed buildings and sculptures to breathtaking scenic views can keep your family entertained. The liveability ratio of Chelsea is 73% making it an ideal place to live.

For the kids, you have confident choices for their schooling. With an 18-minute drive from the centre of London, Chelsea is situated and was known to be a small village.

  • Property in Chelsea The buildings and houses in Chelsea are the most sought-after assets for those living there or planning to move to Chelsea. Be it houses, cottages, apartments or studios, you can either buy the property in Chelsea or rent it. A minimum cost per sq. foot is estimated to be £3000.
  • Transport It’s pretty easy to travel all around the area of Chelsea. There are proper roads and railways for the passengers, making Chelsea the best place to live for commuters.
  •  Education Most of the schools are private in Chelsea. There is a strict code of conduct that is followed in almost all the schools in Chelsea. Before you get your child’s admission to any school, you have to go through the essential criteria and the eligibility as well.


Is Chelsea Worth Living?

There are several reasons why you can decide to live in Chelsea. These are:

  • Numerous restaurants, coffee shops and parks for the entertainment of the family.
  •  The crime rate is lower, so you don’t have to worry about a peaceful life.
  • Easy availability of jobs to make a living.
  • Offers excellent schools and universities; hence the kids’ future in terms of literacy is secured


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