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BlueSky Relocation in Chiswick– Risk-Free Move, Peace of Mind. We know how stressful and overwhelming it can be to move home. That’s why  we strive to handle all the details, so you can focus on everything else that comes  with making a big change in life.

At BlueSky Relocation Services, we utilise 15 years of experience to provide  comprehensive house removal processes that ensure your move goes off  without a hitch.

Our knowledgeable team will take you through the entire process, from packing  your belongings to safely unloading them in your new home. We provide all the  necessary equipment and personnel to make sure everything goes according to  plan.

What sets us apart is our dedication to customer service. We treat every  individual with respect and take great care to ensure your moving day is as  stress-free.

We want to make sure that your experience with BlueSky relocation services is  straightforward and hassle-free so that you can start on the right foot in your  new home. Let’s understand why BlueSky relocation services is the best choice for your  relocation.


House Removal In Chiswick 

Moving house in Chiswick can be complicated, as it has many narrow streets and  limited parking. It’s also difficult to source reliable removal companies familiar  with the area.

At BlueSky relocation services, we are experienced in moving within the  Chiswick area, so you can trust us to make your move painless. We understand  the local area, have access to all of the necessary equipment and can provide  reliable advice to help you navigate the process easily.

With our comprehensive house removal services in Chiswick, we’ll guide you  every step of the way, so you can rest assured your belongings will be in safe  hands.


What Services Do We Offer To Our Valued Customers?


  • Packing And Unpacking: At BlueSky Relocation Services, we provide full packing and unpacking services  to ensure that your belongings are safely and securely loaded onto the removal  van for transport. We also offer partial packing services, where we pack only  your delicate items.
  • Loading And Unloading: Our experienced staff will carefully load your furniture and boxes onto our  vehicles before unloading them into your new home. All vehicles are fully  insured and regularly serviced to ensure safe arrival.
  • Furniture Disassembly And Assembly: We understand that some furniture items require disassembly for removal. Our  team is experienced in taking apart and reassembling all types of furniture, so  you can rest assured your pieces will be handled with care.
  • White Glove Movers: At BlueSky Relocation Services, we also offer ‘White Glove’ moving services for  every client needing extra care. This means proper hygiene, cleanliness and  safety. Our team will use protective coverings on all surfaces to ensure your new  home remains dust-free throughout the move. Let’s Have A Look At Our Professional Services
  • Save your time and effort with a 10X faster move of your home: BlueSky Relocation Services is here to make your moving day go as ceaselessly  and quickly as possible. With our experienced team, top-of-the-line equipment  and dedication to customer service, we can guarantee that your move will be  faster and more efficient than ever before.
  • Relocate safely without any damage: You have a mental attachment to all your items, which is why we take the  utmost care to ensure that all your belongings arrive safely and securely at your  new home. We provide special protective coverings for delicate items and full  insurance coverage in case of any unexpected accidents.
  • No hidden charges: Some companies may charge hidden fees for services not included in the original  estimate, but you can be sure that BlueSky Relocation Services will never take  advantage of its customers. We provide transparent pricing with no hidden  costs, so you know exactly what to expect from us. With our service, you will never incur cancellation fees, and you can modify your  dates freely as many times as necessary.


Office Removal In Chiswick 

Sometimes a business needs to find a new home to stay competitive and ready  for the future. Relocating your business provides numerous advantages, such as  access to more customers, more significant and cheaper space, more favourable  taxes and improved labour supply. It can also be beneficial from a cultural standpoint – allowing a business to  engage better with the local area and potential customers.

Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to take stock of your whole operation – including technology, processes and communication – which can lead to greater  efficiency in resource management.  Overall, relocating your business can make it more successful by offering new  growth opportunities.

Relocating a running business can be tricky and timely. You must ensure that all  the essential documents, IT hardware, furniture and equipment will safely make  it through the move.

At BlueSky relocation services, we provide office removal services in Chiswick  that are explicitly tailored to your needs. We understand how important it is to  keep disruptions to a minimum while relocating offices and commercial spaces.


Benefits Of Hiring A Premium Company 


  •  Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Customised services tailored to your needs
  • Special discounts for corporate moves
  • Secure transportation of documents, furniture and IT hardware  • Professional disassembly/reassembly of furniture
  • White glove moving services for extra protection
  • No hidden charges or surprise fees
  • Flexible booking and modification of dates
  • Expertise and knowledge in the relocation industry
  • Free consultations to discuss your move needs
  • Dedicated customer service and support before, during, and after the  move.


Here’s how we help you make office removal easy

  • Professional Planning: Our experienced team will create a detailed plan for your office relocation so  that you can be sure that every detail is noticed. We will take the time to  understand the unique requirements of your business and tailor our services  accordingly.
  • Timely Pickup and Delivery: We guarantee timely pickup and delivery of your belongings so that you can get  settled in as soon as possible. With our advanced network of vehicles, we will  get your items to the new office in no time.
  • Extra Protection with White Glove Moving Services: We can provide additional protection for those extra delicate items with white  glove moving services. Our professional team will ensure that all your items are  wrapped and packed with extra care.
  • Storage Solution: Our team can offer various storage solutions if you need to store some of your  items for a short period during the move. We will keep all your items safe and  secure until they are ready to be moved again.
  • Post-Move Support: We understand that office relocation is not a one-time event. Our team will  remain available even after the move is complete, so you can rely on us for any  additional help or support.


Storage Services in Chiswick 

When it comes to moving, it is crucial to plan and consider any extra items that  need to be stored. At Blue Sky Relocation Services, we can provide secure  storage services in Chiswick for both short-term and long-term needs.

Features of our storage units:

  • Temperature Control: Our storage units come with various temperature control features to ensure  that your items remain in their optimum condition, even during the hottest  summer days.
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring: Our storage facilities are monitored 24/7 by our advanced security systems to  provide the ultimate peace of mind.
  • Environment-Friendly Facilities: We understand that you may need to store valuable items for an extended  period. Our storage units come with a range of environment-friendly features to  ensure they remain in top condition.
  • Cost Savings Solutions: We provide cost-saving solutions so that you can store your items without any  extra expenses. Our experts will work with you to find the best storage solution  for your needs and budget.
  • Long and short-term rentals: Our storage services are available for both long and short-term rental periods.  We can provide the ideal solution if you need to store items for a few days or  for several months.


Advantages of reliable storage services 

Using storage services during a move can be beneficial in many ways. From  reducing the stress of moving to help you save money, there are plenty of  advantages to using our reliable storage services at Blue Sky Relocation Services.

Here are some benefits to consider:

1. Fewer Logistical Issues: With secure storage solutions, you will not have to  worry about logistical issues during the move. We will take care of your items  and keep them secure until they are ready to be moved again.

2. Cost Savings: Using storage services can save money on additional  transportation costs or any other expenses associated with moving extra items.


Packing Services in Chiswick 

Relocating can be an incredibly daunting experience, especially when it comes  to packing. Knowing where to begin is a challenge; then, you have to make sure  everything is sorted and organised, so unpacking at the new location will take  little time or effort.

But by breaking the whole process into smaller tasks and taking it one step at a  time, you can make it a lot easier on yourself. Start by making an inventory list  so you know exactly what needs to be moved; this way, nothing will get lost or  left behind during the relocation process.

Then you can begin sorting items based on their usage and pack them  accordingly; this will also save time during unpacking!

But if you hire Blue Sky for your relocation needs, you won’t have to worry about  packing everything yourself. Our experienced team of professionals can pack  everything for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We use the best materials  and techniques to ensure all your items arrive safely and sound at their  destination.

We also provide packing material services so that you can get all the necessary  supplies at your doorstep. You can also hire crates and pallets to ensure your  items arrive safely and quickly.


A quick Guide about Chiswick

If you’re relocating to Chiswick, you’ve made a great choice. Here are a few quick  facts about this beautiful area so you can start getting familiar with your new  home:

Chiswick is a district in West London located on the River Thames. It has long  been home to affluent families due to its leafy, village-like atmosphere and high  property prices.

The main shopping street, Chiswick High Road, is lined with independent shops,  restaurants and pubs. The stunning Chiswick House and Gardens are also  excellent places for picnics or walks by the river.

Property rent in Chiswick 

One bedroom flat to rent for £2,600

Two-bedroom flat to rent £5,850

Three bedroom flat to rent£ 2,700

Property prices in Chiswick

Detached £2,586,375

Semi-detached £1,838,897

Terraced £1,263,513

Flats £618,843


Transport Facilities in Chiswick 

Chiswick is well connected with great transport links. Whether you’re looking to  travel into the city or explore the rest of London, plenty of options are available.

The nearest tube station is Gunnersbury which serves both District and London  Overground lines. You can also access Heathrow Airport via the Piccadilly line or  get to central London quickly with the excellent bus services.


Jobs and employment opportunities in Chiswick 

Chiswick is a thriving area with plenty of job and employment opportunities. The  main industries here are media, IT, creative services and education.


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