Removals Crowthorne

Crowthorne has so many business and home removal companies that you’ll need a keen eye to get experts for the job. Don’t worry; you’ve come to the leading removals company in Crowthorne.

We stand out for our comprehensive services in storage, relocation and packing. We won’t tell you to get packing services elsewhere and call us when you’re ready to move. No! We’ll get you the best packing services, go through the packing process professionally, and move your belongings to your new home.

Crowthorne’s Top Removal Services

It’s not a marketing gimmick; we are serious about this. We’ve built a corporate identity as a brand committed to excellent customer service and an unrivalled interest in customising our services to achieve each customer’s dream move.

To make all of this possible, we’ve brought together a team of expert movers to offer professional quality. They listen to you, create a removal or storage package that suits you, and keep you informed.

Our team has years of experience, so we know the challenges of moving a business or home. Therefore, we ensure your belongings are safe and in perfect condition. That’s why the community trusts us.

Crowthorne Packing Experts

The packing process can ruin your home or office removal because using the wrong materials may damage your belongings. It also makes it difficult to transport your furniture and other office or home furnishings. For that reason, working with a team of experts ensures you get the best packing materials for the type of belongings you’re moving.

Our team will take care of the whole process, from gathering the best packing materials to packing and loading your belongings. We use an efficient labelling method. Consequently, loading for transport from your old home and unloading into the new rooms in your home become so easy. It’ll be a smooth, migraine-free experience.

Storage in Crowthorne

If you’re moving out before you can transport your belongings to your new residence, we’ll offer storage services. You can use our services as soon as possible. First, ask for a free quote. We have an able customer service team that’ll explain the features of our storage service. You can also use our storage for your business or as you move your office equipment.

Business and Home Removals in Crowthorne

Moving a business is challenging because you have to ensure daily operations are smooth even as you relocate. For that reason, we let you focus on your business as we take care of your relocation.

It’ll be a seamless operation, one guided by experts with experience moving businesses of various sizes. We have worked with companies in different industries, which has equipped our team with the skills to handle all types of business equipment.

For home removals, we also engage our experts throughout from packing to transportation. They are professional movers with experience in planning a relocation.

We want you to start a new life, in a new home, just as you envisioned. Therefore, call us, tell our customer service team when you’d like to move, which moving services you need, and we’ll get to work.

Moving Guide to Crowthorne

Crowthorne is part of the Reading postcode under the jurisdiction of the Bracknell Forest in Berkshire. It is part of the larger Reading and Wokingham area just southeast of Reading.

Crowthorne is a small town with a population under 7000. It is known as a safe quiet town with affordable homes and is a growing alternative to Wokingham for families. Crowthorne is also home to retirees and does not have many rental properties available.

Property Prices

Detached £835,000
Semi-detached home £630,000
Terraced home £503,000
Flat £283,000

Rent Prices

one bedroom £900
two bedrooms £1300
three bedrooms £1400


Employment Prospects

Crowthorne is home to Broadmoor Hospital, one of England’s maximum-security psychiatric hospital that offers employment opportunities. According to Indeed, in June 2021, there were only 41 jobs in Crowthorne but expanding the radius by 25 miles expands opportunities to 30,000.

Education Opportunities

Bracknell Forest has 48 schools and colleges listed and 29 of them achieved an Outstanding or Good Ofsted rating.

Wellington College, a co-educational boarding school and day independent school is also located in town.

Transport and Commuting

Crowthorne has its own train station that is serviced by Great Western Railway with connections to Reading, Guildford, and Gatwick Airport

It is located between M3 and M4 motorways making for great connections to the M25.

Buses are run by Reading Buses and are served across the Thames Valley.

Distance to…

London Paddington: 39 miles / 48 minutes via train

Reading: 15 miles / 15 minutes via train

Southampton: 48 miles / 1 hour 20 minutes via train

Oxford: 52 miles / 50 minutes via train

Local Services

Energy Providers: Bulb, British Gas, E.on, Scottish Power, Octopus

Broadband Providers: BT, Sky, Plusnet, EE, Vodafone

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Social Life and Shopping

Crowthorne has a high street with coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and shops. It also benefits from Reading and Bracknell being in close proximity.

Edgebarrow sports centre offers sports classes and services and also has a gym indoor and outdoor facilities for 1-16-year-olds. There is also the Pinewood Leisure Centre, a miniature railway, local rugby and cricket clubs, and a football team.

Things to Do in Crowthorne

Wildmoor Heath Nature Reserve – a 220-acre nature reserve north of Crowthorne.

Heath Lake – a 15-acre site of special interest because it is the only acid lake in the country. It’s a shallow marshy area home to many fauna and flora

Finchampstead Ridges – a group of countryside sites in southern Berkshire managed by the National Trust.