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Looking to relocate your home or business in Guildford? You’ve come to the right place. BlueSky Relocation has a 15-year record of delivering top-notch house and business relocation services, including packing and storage of your belongings across the UK.. We understand how hectic moving can be, so our highly trained and experienced specialists ensure that your belongings are packed with great care and that you can cheerfully relocate to your new place in a safe and secure way.

Our vast years of industry experience have taught us that relocating an office or home is never a steady process. Therefore, we address all of our customer’s demands in detail and give relevant information regarding your relocation, such as shipping date, transit time, location, and any other issues, to inform you of all parts of your move and keep you prepared for moving day.

Our customers have given us 4.9/5 stars, which motivates us to continue providing high-quality services in Guildford and around London. Our satisfied clients are proof that we never compromise on the quality of our services and acknowledge your moving requirements. 

If you are seeking effective and efficient movers in Guildford to relieve you of all the headaches that come with moving house or business, we can be a perfect match.

Our goal is not only to do the work; instead, we want you to be satisfied with our services and recommend us to your friends and family. Our clients are our assets, and we are here to assist you with any issues that may arise throughout your residential or commercial transfer.


House Removals in Guildford

Moving home is the biggest change one can experience.  You’ll make new friends, experience a new environment, and make a fresh start in your life. But there’s a dark side to it. 

You must leave your old friends and cherished memories behind and relocate to an unfamiliar place. And that’s nothing The most challenging aspect of moving is the relocation process. That entails transporting your complete stuff, from a TV remote to the couch on which you sit, eat, or sleep, almost everything, to your new home. 

However, say Goodbye to unnecessary house relocation hassles.  BlueSky is equipped with trained professionals ready to guide you every step of your move to make your move hassle-free.  From packing your valuables to leaving you at your respective destination–we are here to make your move effortless as if there’s nothing to it

Our qualified supervisor examines the area before moving to eliminate unnecessary delays caused by the volume of goods and the specific attention each item demands.

Hiring movers can save you big bucks. 

You might think, what’s the big deal about moving home? Simply grab some cartons, pack your possessions, get a vehicle, and relocate the house on your own for a much lower cost. 

However, let us burst the bubble here. First, after 15 years of expertise in this field, we can tell you that moving isn’t as a piece of cake as it appears. There is constant planning and a variety of aspects. You will need to purchase supplies, tools, and other equipment.

They are more costly, and you may run out of them during the relocation. You never know how long things will take to settle.

Hiring professionals, on the other hand, is a good option because we arrive prepared. You don’t need to spend any money on specialised tools. You wouldn’t run out of supplies in the middle of a relocation, either. Every step has been planned in advance, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your move. You can also leave if you wish. No worries, you’ve already purchased peace of mind by investing in the right company, recognised in Guildford for their high quality and best services.

Don’t risk your health and the protection of your valuables.

Are you aware that lifting too much can hurt you? Plus, if you are not habitual in lifting heavy weights, it may result in bone injury or cardiac difficulties. Why put your health at risk?

Our capable and dedicated employees are taught to lift objects; thus, it is nothing new to us. It is a part of our daily lives. Lifting heavy furniture, on the other hand, can put you in danger.Plus, even slight negligence may result in the breakage of your valuable items. 

So, do yourself a favour and hire BlueSky specialists with decades of experience to lift weights and pack everything  carefully to protect you and your belongings.


Office Relocation in Guildford 

As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate before moving day. Small things become nightmares without proper planning and preparation. However, with the assistance of a reputable moving company such as Blue Sky, your business transfer can be a cool breeze. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us.

We can help to remove the unnecessary burden from your employees.

Your staff is your company’s most valuable asset. They are responsible for your company’s success. Making them responsible for your business relocation may save you money, but it adds additional burden and stress on their shoulders. It is not their job, and they may not know how to transport large and delicate objects safely. They may also injure themselves while lifting heavy objects.

So, leave the heavy lifting to Blue Sky’s highly experienced and skilled experts without burdening your employees with unnecessary responsibility.

We can help to carry safe relocation of your equipment

Your office equipment, whether electronic or IT, as well as all paper records, are critical to the success of your company. You can’t afford to have them severely damaged during the move. They contain all the information your business performs to function and progress.

Our respected company guarantees that your office equipment is 101 percent safe in our hands.

If you don’t want to risk your office valuables and are concerned about your company’s database, dial our number asap. Our transportation system is efficient, with expert drivers that will carefully carry your products to your new address.

You can move your office at your desired time.

We understand that you can’t shut your business for a while to relocate your office

It might cost you an arm and a leg.

As a result, our professionals are prepared to relocate your workplace during non-business hours. We are flexible to your needs, whether you want to move at night or early in the morning or if you want to relocate full-time or part-time.

Scope of our services 

Our scope of office moving services includes. 

1) Office Packing Services

We provide specialist packing materials to help you pack your office equipment safely. We offer many boxes that vary in shape and material depending on the type of goods that needs to be packed.

2) Corporate Storage Solutions 

We understand that office transfer cannot be rushed because you do not want to clutter all crucial documents. You must also have to manage your business affairs. As a result, we offer storage units for each type of object you wish to store and for how long, allowing you to handle things at your own pace. 

3) Crate Hires for business equipment

As a business owner, you must transport items to warehouses, shipping centres, and other locations on a daily basis. For large loads, cardboard cartons and low-cost materials are ineffective. As a result, we provide hire crates to facilitate you in moving your workplace things with caution. They are also a cost-effective and reliable option for shifting workplace supplies.


Storage Solutions in Guildford

Moving becomes a nerve-wracking task when you have to move everything and have no idea how to adjust them in your new house. Some people choose to sell them to avoid cluttering. However, others prefer to keep them at our secure storage facilities to remove the hassle of home or office move. 

The passionate and diligent team at Blue Sky can gather and store your items from any place in the UK as long as you don’t need them. We offer secure, hygienic, and cost-effective storage solutions for both short and long-term needs.

You may store anything from kitchen utensils to heavy furniture without worrying about your goods’ protection. We provide additional security, and our storage units are clean and well-organised. We care about your items as much as we care about our company’s image.

Because as long as you are happy and satisfied, the entire BlueSky team is happy. 

Our storage units are adaptable. You don’t have to sign a contract specifying how long you want to keep stuff. You can keep things for as long as you wish, but we need 7 days’ notice to deliver your belongings. But there is good news! We don’t take 7 days to return your products; sometimes, it takes as less as 48 hours. The one-week notice is merely part of our policy to ensure we have made all necessary arrangements for the safe and secure delivery of your stored items.


Guildford Packing Services

Packing stress is quite real. Many of us are overwhelmed by the thought of it before anything is placed in the carton. Furthermore, the most difficult element is deciding what to pack first or last. And you can’t just dump stuff in cartons without any organisation because you’ll have to unpack and rearrange them afterward. So, the more systematic your packing is, the less time it will take to organise your new home.

But you don’t need to bother yourself. BlueSky Relocation has skilled packers who can pack everything from your clothes to your house furniture.  

We understand how possessive you are with your items; therefore, we use premium packing supplies to take every possible measure to avoid even a slight scratch. 

Plus, if you want to gather stuff without professional help, we make that easy too!

You can simply purchase our moving boxes and pack your belongings yourself. We provide a variety of packing goods such as cardboard/plastic boxes, bubble wrap, tapes, furniture covers, shrink wrap, and any other item you require! All at affordable costs. 

Why should you purchase our packaging supplies?

  • We provide premium boxes made of reusable and sustainable materials.
  • Our product specifies the weight capacity, so your products do not fall while being lifted.
  • We offer personalised cartons—for example, separate closet boxes for transporting clothing and unique book boxes for book lovers.

Our packing service comprises three modes. We can offer full-time packing, partial packing and fragile items packing based on your requirements. 


Guildford Moving Guide    

Guildford is a town of vibrant high streets located in Surrey, southwest of London. It’s just 35 minutes away from the flashing lights of London and offers beautiful scenes and all the amenities needed for everyday life.


It has extensive road, rail, and bus connections to the city, making it quite convenient to travel around. You may also simply go to Gatwick Airport and nearby cities such as Portsmouth, Southampton, and Reading. The town is also adjacent to the A3, and A25, making it an ideal location for exploring the southeast of England. Guildford is a perfect choice for commuters.


Property and Renting in Guildford

The Guildford contains various medieval, Georgian, and Modern-style buildings, as well as luxury homes. The average residence costs around £563,894. If we cut it down even further,

Semi-Detached house: £493,349

Detached: £876,021

Flat: £295,297

Average rental Prices

The average renting cost in Guildford is about £1,929

However, the rent depends on the type of property. 

Room: £643

Flat: £1383

House: £2395

The prices can keep fluctuating because of rising demand for various types of properties. 


Is Guildford the right place to live and work?

For families and commuters, Guildford may be the finest area to reside. This is why:

  • It has vast transportation links to the countryside.
  • Offer great schools, universities, and educational institution
  • Provides spectacular views with charming high streets and picturesque Surrey Hills and North Downs, where you can spend beautiful moments with family. 

What’s more, the town is ranked number 15 on the Sunday Times’ list of the best places to live in the South East.


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