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Removals Company in Hampstead NW3 London

Are you a resident of Hampstead looking for a moving company to help you with your next home or office move? We at BlueSky Relocation are the moving experts, ready to help out and relieve you of the stress of packing your belongings, disassembling and reassembling your furniture, and moving them gently and meticulously to your new home or business across the UK. What’s more, we will assist you with storing extra or unnecessary stuff in one of our safe and secure storages.

Our professionals can handle little or large residential moves as well as business moves, and they can offer you one-of-a-kind, reasonably priced services that are specifically catered to your needs. If you are hesitant to trust our words, you may rely on the remarks of 500 satisfied customers who enthusiastically gave us a 5-star rating on Trustpilot and wrote us comments of appreciation for the fantastic moving experience, all thanks to our qualified and trained staff.

We have a solid reputation as a reliable and excellent moving company that delivers stress-free moves in Hampstead and many other locations in the UK. Make a call or request a free quote right away if you’re looking for a trustworthy and professional removal company in Hampstead.

Here are 4 top reasons to consider us for your next move in Hampstead, London.

  • Customer-friendly service
  • Flexible and Adaptable moving services
  • Free price quotes and Affordable rates
  • 15 years of moving experience with a 5-star rating.


Hempstead House Removals

Those days are gone when traditional methods of packing, lifting, and manually loading heavy objects into a vehicle were preferred. Aside from the physical and mental exhaustion of relocating, the process grew chaotic, and several expensive things got broken in the way. These days, organisations like BlueSky Relocation exist to make the process incredibly simple and anxiety-free. We provide everything you need, including motivated and skilled personnel, to help you move your household appliances and pack your clothing into the place of your choice.

The customised moving solution: You desire, we provide.

For us, moving into a new house does not include simply packing your belongings and driving them to the new place. You were capable of handling this on your own. What’s the point of investing in house removals?

We believe every move is unique and needs careful management to go more smoothly. As a result, we take our time and develop a unique moving strategy just for you. For instance, we will ask about the size of your relocation, the required travel distance, your chosen schedule, your budget, and any other unique requirements. Following that, we develop a customised plan that uses the appropriate methods and tools for secure relocation.

Relax; your valuables are in safe hands.

We can guarantee that your belongings are packed, loaded, transported, and unloaded with the highest care because we are qualified movers. This is because we don’t just show up; instead, we organise every step beforehand, down to the size and form of the cartons and the easiest and safest way to move your goods. Therefore, none of the information is assumed. Compared to our customers, we are more concerned about the safe and secure delivery of things. They are like family to us; thus, we will do everything we can to uphold our commitment to delivering top-notch services.

Our dedicated specialists are known for timely communication.

Moving your house is similar to a bumpy ride. Lots of last-minute changes can happen.
For instance, you can forget to pack a few things, have a tight schedule, or your budget might be off. In any situation, your first task is to remain calm because we are only a phone call away. You can contact our savvy and friendly team anytime, anywhere, for assistance.

We will quickly come up with the best solution in your hour of need. As we said, we consider our customers family members, and we wouldn’t let you go until you had a quick and safe moving experience.

Guaranteed pricing with affordable rates.

Many people reject the idea of hiring a moving company because they think it’s pricey. But what they fail to consider is the hassle-free experience made possible by the careful management and safety of the goods.

However, we still try our best to charge a minimum with top services and solutions.

For instance, you’ll get:

  • Free dismantling and reassembly of your furniture
  • No charges for cancellation, and you can get as many new dates free of cost.
  • Our quotes have insurance already included upto £50,000 (T & Cs applies)
  • No key waiting charges.

Call us now at 0800 090 3125 and get a free price quote.


Office Removals in Hampstead

Focus on bigger profits is better than dealing with moving stress. Expanding the business is one of the most exciting moments for the owner and employees. Although it’s a great opportunity to print new pounds, you cannot avoid the trouble of moving all the equipment, furniture, business records, and other items.
But here’s the catch. Hiring our services in Hampstead will give you spare time to focus only on making big profits while letting the professionals move your space efficiently.

Free up your staff from the unnecessary stress of moving.

You may believe that you have enough workers and that you can transfer your items on your own without hiring a moving company. That is a false notion. No matter how knowledgeable and experienced your crew is, they have never moved before and may not be familiar with the methods and equipment needed to complete moves more efficiently.

Your possessions and your employees’ health could be at stake. However, for more than a decade, our efficient and trustworthy team has succeeded in delivering first-rate white glove service.

You won’t ever regret investing a single pound in top office removals in the UK.

We are flexible to assist you during non-business hours.

We recognise that closing your business to move is not an easy decision. It will cost you a lot, so for your convenience, our adaptable pros are willing to work outside of regular business hours.
So, whether it’s 6 AM on a weekday or 10 AM on a Sunday, we are here to meet your demands.

Range of services we offer

An expert packing service

Our office packing supplies are convenient and personalised to make moving the stuff stress-free for you. You may quickly pack the things without worrying about damage, whether you have to purchase cardboard boxes or rent crates.

Corporate Storage Solutions
Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to keep and what you can avoid removing extra clutter at a new location. Our storage facilities are therefore made to keep your goods safe and secure until you need them again at your new business.

Additionally, you can simply pack your belongings and store them right away to prevent mixing up critical papers. This will enable you to conduct business at your own pace as well.

Crate Hires

We offer plastic crate hires as they are stackable and save a lot of storage space. They are durable and more secure than hiring cardboard boxes.

Office relocation requires you to organise many files that can be easily misplaced if not placed together. It would be best if you had separate moving boxes for every employee.

The most significant advantage of employing boxes for business transportation is that they keep your items organised. You can carry heavy items in a sizeable stackable crate and little stuff in a compact one. These boxes easily organise your belongings and may be readily labelled.


Packing Services in Hampstead

According to research, more than 40 percent of people claim packing to be the most challenging part of moving. And some of the reasons are its time taking, chaotic, and energy-draining process.

Like, picture asking yourself, “Do I really need this?” as you stalk through your house’s closets, drawers, and other spaces. It does indeed drain the brain.Moreover, some fragile items such as glassware and china require extra caution while packing. A slight jerk while transporting can spoil the whole object; therefore, you must have suitable packing materials to ensure safety.
There are delicate electronics like washing machines, television, or laptops that need to be packed separately to avoid any mishaps. Not to mention heavy loads of furniture.

What’s more, it’s risky as you never want to harm your objects, even by accident. It can be too expensive. Therefore, to make your job easy, BlueSky Relocation has a skilled team of professional packers with the right resources and methods to pack your goods with great care.

Our packing boxes come in a range of sizes specific to your needs.

Every object is unique, and therefore you cannot pack the furniture in the same way you pack the clothes. Therefore, our packers use customised cardboard and packing boxes which means different boxes for furniture, books, or wardrobe.

You can take resources from us and pack on your own as well. We don’t bind our customers to avail of our packing services fully. You can do it at your convenience by using our customised boxes.


Storage Services in Hampstead

There are a lot of ways to make your relocation easier, and one is to utilise self-storage services.

If you have plenty of stuff to relocate and lack space, self-storage is a good option.
It also helps to pack things at your pace instead of throwing them into cartons right before the moving day. Also, if you are relocating to a small house or have goods you haven’t decided whether to keep them or sell, hiring self-storage is the best way to keep those items. They are safe and secure.

Money Saving Hack:

Utilising storage units also save money. For instance, if your office or house rent agreement is over, but you haven’t decided on a new place, storing your goods at BlueSky storage facilities is more cost-effective than extending your rent agreement.

Our storage units are dry and protected, and you can keep your belongings as long as you want, knowing they are in safe hands. What’s more, we are quite flexible. You can get a free quote for the number of days you want to keep the items and can deliver them in no time at your desired place.


Hampstead Moving Guide

Hampstead, 4 miles away from central London, is one of the most desired residential places, loved by celebrities, the wealthy, and long-term residents. Sash-windowed Georgian mansions, upscale clothes retailers, coffee shops, chic restaurants, posh pubs, quiet neighbourhoods, and a vibrant cultural scene, including theatres and museums, make Hampstead widely known.

In reality, it is highly valued by traditional English traditions, and locals take great satisfaction in preserving it. Whether you are single or have a family, there is much to do and enjoy so you won’t get bored. There is a community feel there.

Transport links

The location of Hampstead is ideal for public transportation. You can access both the West End and the city straight from the central Hampstead tube station, just 15 minutes from London. Additionally, it is surrounded by stations for the Jubilee, Metropolitan, and overground lines, making it simpler to go to London by train or the underground. Buses and taxis are readily available, making the town ideal for commuters.

Property styles and Renting in Hampstead

Hampstead has diverse styles of property, including Georgian and Victorian homes, modern flats, and Edwardian mansions that are incredibly attractive to live in.

However, living in Hampstead isn’t cheap, but for a good reason. The high quality of life, amenities, security, and ample space to enjoy. So it’s worth investing.

Average property range: £325,000–£2,995,000
House: £1,364,167
Flat: £1,364,167

The average rental range is £425-£1500 PW ( it may vary on the number of bedrooms and area)


Pros and Cons of living in Hampstead

Hampstead traffic
New Construction
Lack of shopping.

Plenty of outdoor activities having playgrounds and parks
Close to beach
A lot of fast food and dining options
Wonderful schools.
Proximity to Wilmington