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Removals Company in Kensington W8 London

Are you excited to move into a new house or expand your business in Kensington? BlueSky Relocation experts can level up your excitement by taking the stressful job of moving on their shoulders while you only need to walk into your new location carefree.

We are professional white glove removals working in the industry for 15 years, and therefore we can do packing, disassembling/assembly of your furniture, and transportation of your valuables as perfectly as possible.  Our trained and hardworking professionals work the extra mile to ensure you get the desired moving solution in the UK.  Whether you need packing service, you are seeking storage facilities to dump additional items, or you are looking for safe vans and a friendly crew to load and unload items, we are here to assist you with any kind of moving hassle at reasonable pricing.

Our customers always leave us happy by rating us 5 stars because we deliver what we promise–safe and secure moving service. So, if you are confused about whether you should move on your own or seek professional assistance, then take a deep breath because you don’t need to overthink anymore.

You only need to call us at 0800 090 31255 and discuss the nature of your move. We timely communicate the best moving solution in considering your budget and requirements.

So, let’s avoid any trouble and hassle on your moving day by scheduling your move with our friendly and courteous specialist in Kensington.


Home Removals in Kensington

Shifting to your new home is one of the dream come true moments for many. However, it can also be a depressing time because not everyone cherishes change.

Nevertheless, the back-breaking job of safely and securely transporting your possessions to your new place might add to your stress.

But you can make your relocation easier by allowing us to assist you in your time of need. We are delighted to share your load and make your move more enjoyable.

Why should you need a professional moving company?

Many people believe they can relocate independently or with the assistance of their friends and family. What good is hiring professional movers?

The question itself contains the answer because”They are professional.” That means we are well aware of the right ways and strategies, thanks to our more than a decade of experience.

We take full responsibility of your move

Sometimes, you’re in a rush and break things. Or you can layer the lighter items on top of the fragile ones. It’s not your fault, either. These losses occur when you’re moving for the first time or aren’t fully prepared. We take full responsibility if any mishap occurs. But you can’t penalty your dear ones. Plus, rarely does something break when our professional experts are doing it for you.

Hence there are many good and genuine reasons you must consider BlueSky professional movers for relocating your home in London.

–No hidden cost

Our rates are reasonable if you consider the quality of services we provide. We don’t contain any hidden fees, and you can get your price quote before your move to suit your budget.

But we assure you, investing in expert movers like BlueSky is worth every pound because we over-deliver to satisfy our customers.


Our Moving cost depends


  • Distance needs to travel
  • Range of services you need ( packing, loading/ unloading, storage, etc.)
  • The scale of your relocation.


Our Punctual and efficient staff help you save time. 

Moving your home is a time taking process. First, you have to find a new house, then you need to decide on moving day, and then you have to pack your whole home from your hairbrush to your couch. You might need to take days off from work or put other home chores aside to start packing beforehand. It’s a hard sacrifice.

However, for our punctual and fast staff, it’s like a piece of cake because we have been doing this for the past 15 years. We are trained and quick experts who can get you to your desired place immediately while you can continue working on your important task.

Our flexible team will make things simpler for you. 

Sometimes our customers change their minds because they miscalculated their budget. Sometimes they forget the key. Or you might also need to relocate on short notice.

And that’s why we are flexible. We understand all of your concerns and respect your decision. Therefore, in case of any change, you just need to make a quick call, and we’ll be available to find the best solution for you.

So no fear, UK’s best movers are here to address all your moving queries and concerns.


Office Removals in Kensington

Office relocation is when you are often upgrading and expanding your company. It’s indeed the most progressive move towards more excellent opportunities, but the only problem you might face is the careful movement of the equipment.

A slight jerk can harm the electronics, and you might end up paying a huge price when you are supposed to close big deals for your company. BlueSky Relocation has a skilled and competent team to carry out fuss-free and smoother commercial moves.

Keep your business open.

One of the bigger stresses attached to moving offices is the downtime. It can put you back a month before your competitors. Plus, no matter how fast you try to relocate, it’ll take ample time if you are doing it without any professional support.

Hiring BlueSky experts help you focus on your business more than the process of relocation.

Secure, organised, and clutter-free move.

While relocating office, keeping things in an organised manner happens to be a challenging task

Every employee has their space, and you have to shift them accordingly without mixing things and creating an unwanted mess

However, our knowledgeable and sharp workers make sure your move runs in a regular pattern. We care about your critical documents and office equipment and don’t leave any effort to make the process effortless for our clients.

Moving at your pace. 

Many companies are not comfortable with the idea of moving home during work hours. It acts as a sort of distraction. Therefore, we are flexible to work at your desired hour. Our goal is to give you top-notch quality service, and we never hesitate to go the extra mile.


Range of services


  • Corporate Storage Solution:- Saving goods in storage units are the best way to move systemically without any extra clutter at your workplace. For instance, you can store desks, chairs, and tables for a while until you install the electronics at your new place. Plus, you don’t need to move all at once to disrupt your business; instead, you can move at your ease by storing, clearing the space, and then shifting things side by side. BlueSky Relocation provides a storage unit tailored to your requirements, whether you store huge furniture or small electronic items. We keep them super-safe and return your stuff when you need them back. Our storage spaces are clean, dry, and protected.
  • Commercial Packing Services:- Packing your items safely can get half of your relocation job done. Our diligent and trained staff can pack your fragile electronics components or heavy furniture with great care. Moreover, you can also pack the stuff of your choice. We have professional packing materials for our customers to make the office relocation hassle-free.
  • Hire Crates:- Crates are more vital than cardboard boxes, and they also offer more space. You can keep the paper date in an organised manner. Plus, you can also place small electrical devices without fearing any scratches. They are more resistant to any damage than paper cartons. Our crate hire services can make packing a lot easier for you.


Storage Solutions in Kensington

If you have plenty of items to move but are not sure where to adjust them at a new destination, BlueSky Storage services are what you need. It might be the case that you need to sell some items but haven’t found a good steal yet. Or you simply want some breathing space at your new location.

No problem; we have safe and secure storage units where you can store unwanted or extra items temporarily or for a longer time as per your desire. In this way, you can move without any fuss and messiness.

We offer both short and long-term storage in Kensington. We acknowledge sometimes you need to store oversized items like furniture, which might take longer to sell or accommodate into the new house. For you, long-term storage is the best. However, you might need a storage unit to save some small unwanted items like utensils, electronics, or chairs till you make some space in your new house or office. For such customers, BlueSky’s short-term storage goes well.


Packing Services in Kensington

Packing is one of the prime reasons people procrastinate moving to a new house or office. And that’s quite right as well. It’s a time-consuming, energy-draining, and hectic task.

There’s so much to organise when it comes to packing the valuables into cartons. You also need to not break fragile like glass, utensils, or small mechanical devices in a rush.

 At BlueSky Relocation, our extraordinarily professional and skilled team of packers can make the packing strenuous-free by using the right resources and techniques. We use specialised cartons depending upon the nature, size, and weight of the object. For instance, we have customised cartons for book enthusiasts to pack their books without getting slightly torn. Similarly, we use specialised cartons for wardrobes, furniture, or other items so that your items are transferred without getting an inch of damage.

Moreover, you can take our resources if you want to pack independently. We are happy to help at your convenience. Visit our online store and book crates and cartons


Moving to Kensington —A living guide.

Kensington is beautiful and historically rich place situated in the southwest of London.

The area is quite expensive as it’s home to royal residences. A wide range of public spaces, including attractive squares, Kensington Gardens, fantastic restaurants like Babylon, coffee shops, and designer boutiques, enliven the neighbourhood. The Circle and District lines make Central London conveniently accessible for the locals. Additionally, it is home to a number of top-notch schools, including Fox Primary and Holland Park School, making it the perfect place for families.

Getting Around Kensington

There are numerous tube stations in Kensington that provide connections to the networks, allowing you to travel to other parts of London and beyond. A 20-minute ride will get you to London by car, and there is an excellent bus system that will carry you throughout the city.

By using coach services, you can travel quickly to several rural locations.The airports of Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, and London, as well as helicopter ports, are further options for cross-country travel.

Property Styles and Rates

Some of the most costly properties in Kensington can be found in the detached mansions that are located close to Holland Park. The most expensive street in the UK is said to be Kensington Palace Gardens in London.Families do, however, regularly live in lovely, roomy semi-detached townhouses.

Average property prices: 1.5M pounds

Average rental price

1-2 Bedroom’s: £1,100,000

3-4 bedroom rent prices: £2500,000

Restaurants and Cafes

Many amazing cafes and restaurants that dish up classic British fare and some of the most delicious drinks can be found in Kensington.

The Little Yellow Door: This is a popular cafe and bar located on Notting Hill Gate. It is known for its quirky decor and laid-back atmosphere.

The Ivy Kensington Brasserie:This is a stylish and upscale cafe located on Kensington High Street. It is known for its beautiful interior design and high-quality food and drink..

These lively eateries are constantly crowded, whether it is the weekend or the week.

Pros and Cons of living in Kensington


  • Central location
  • Multiple tube lines and stations
  • Big parks and cultural attractions
  • Easy access to Amenities


  • High property prices
  • Area is bustling, not fit for people seeking a quiet escape


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