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Removals Company in Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7

BlueSky Removals Marlow is your trusted partner in providing efficient and stress-free moving services. We understand that relocating to a new home or office can be daunting, and that’s why we’re here to help. At BlueSky Relocation, we don’t just move for you; we move with you, making the entire process seamless and enjoyable. 

We are a group of skilled individuals who have been offering our customers outstanding moving services for many years. Our objective is to give you a tailored experience that satisfies your particular needs and demands. Every move is unique, and we recognise this, which is why we tackle each project specifically.


Our removals services in Marlow

Our wide variety of relocation services at BlueSky Relocation will meet all of your shifting requirements. We have the knowledge to get you to your new location securely and effectively all across the UK. In addition to transporting and storing items, we even offer loading and unloading services.


Why Choose BlueSky Relocation?

At BlueSky Relocation, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service that exceeds their expectations. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your next move:

Experienced and Professional Staff

Our team of movers and packers is carefully selected, highly trained, and extensively experienced in handling all types of moves. We also invest in the latest equipment and tools to make sure our staff can complete their work safely and efficiently. BlueSky Removal is committed to making sure that your move goes well and quickly. 

Tailored Approach

Every move is different, and we recognise this, which is why we tackle each project specifically. We collaborate closely with you to fully grasp your requirements and needs before creating a plan just for you.

Competitive Pricing

BlueSky Relocation acknowledges that moving can be an expensive process, which is why we endeavour to offer our clients reasonable pricing that is upfront and easy to comprehend. We think that our clients should understand exactly what they are paying for, which is why we provide a full price for all of our services upfront.

Our pricing structure is based on a number of variables, including the distance, size, complexity, and any additional services required in the shifting. Every project we work on is approached individually, and we’ll collaborate closely with you to create a special plan that fits your objectives and budget.


The Comprehensive Range of Moving Services

Since every relocation is different, we at BlueSky Relocation provide a wide choice of moving services that can meet all of your requirements. Our team of skilled experts will consult with you extensively to comprehend your unique demands before creating a plan that fits both your goals and your budget.


Exceptional Customer Service

We believe that providing excellent customer service is the cornerstone of a successful moving experience. That is why we make every effort to be available to our clients throughout the moving process, from the initial consultation to the final delivery.

Our staff of experienced professionals is always reachable to respond to your inquiries and handle any worries you might have. We are here to give you the help you require to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible because we recognise that moving can be a trying experience.


How does it Work?

To reduce the stress of packing for your relocation, BlueSky Relocation provides expert packing services. Our skilled packers are equipped with all the tools they need and are trained to handle even the most delicate products when they arrive. You can save time and lower the possibility of harm to your possessions by letting us pack your house.

  • No hidden fees
  • The quick and easy booking process
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Professional packers for your belongings
  • We provide all the necessary moving supplies
  • Years of proven experience in the industry


What is the Average House Price in Marlow? 

Marlow, an attractive town in the English county of Buckinghamshire, is well-known for its stunning vistas of the River Thames and its old-world architecture. If you are looking for a peaceful yet handy place to reside with quick access to London and the surrounding areas undoubtedly it’s an ideal place.

Marlow offers a range of properties to suit different budgets and preferences. From modern apartments to historic cottages, there is a wide range of properties available in Marlow. The type of property and its location within the town have a  great impact on the average house price in Marlow. Here are some of the most popular types of properties in Marlow, along with their average prices:

  • Apartments: Modern studio flats and large penthouses are both available as apartments in Marlow. In Marlow, apartments typically cost around £385,000.
  • Terraced houses: In Marlow, terraced homes are a popular option since they offer a blend of historic and modern styles. In Marlow, a terraced home typically costs roughly £550,000.
  • Semi-detached houses: Families tend to opt for semi-detached homes because they provide more room and privacy than terraced homes. In Marlow, a semi-detached home typically costs roughly £735,000.
  • Detached houses: Detached houses offer the most space and privacy and are a popular choice for those looking for a family home. The average price for a detached house in Marlow is around £1,200,000.

Marlow offers a diverse range of housing options to suit all budgets and preferences, so there truly is something for everyone. Whether you pick a modern flat or a beautiful home, Marlow is unquestionably a great place to live.


What is the Average Cost of Rent in Marlow? 

Various rental homes are available in Marlow to accommodate spending limits and preferences. In Marlow, there is intense competition in the rental market and substantial demand for residences, primarily near the town center and the river. Due to the town’s popularity and ideal location, rental prices in Marlow may be higher than in other locations in Buckinghamshire. However, reasonable renting possibilities are still available, notably on the outskirts of town and in adjacent towns.

In Marlow, a one-bedroom apartment typically costs around £900 per month, while a two-bedroom property often costs around £1,200. Larger buildings, such as 3 & 4-bedroom houses, can cost anything between £1,500 and £3,000 per month, depending on location, size, and condition.

There are several serviced apartments and short-term rentals in Marlow in addition to conventional rental houses, which might be a practical choice for people in need of temporary housing.

When renting a property in Marlow, it’s important to consider additional costs such as utility bills, council tax, and maintenance fees. Landlords in Marlow are legally required to protect tenants’ deposits through a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme, which can provide peace of mind for tenants.


With its picturesque location, vibrant community, and excellent transport links to London and other nearby towns, Marlow is a popular choice for renters looking for a high-quality life in a desirable location. Here are some key factors to consider when it comes to renting in Marlow:

  • Types of properties: Properties available for rent in Marlow include flats, apartments, terraced homes, and detached homes. Your preferences and financial situation will decide the type of home you select.
  • Location: The rental cost may be greatly influenced by the property’s location. The cost of real estate is generally more elevated near the town center and river than it is farther out.
  • Furnished vs. unfurnished: Rental properties in Marlow may be available furnished or unfurnished, with furnished properties typically costing more due to the added convenience.
  • Rental agreements: When renting in Marlow, it’s vital to comprehend the terms of your rental agreement. Although some may be longer, the majority of rental agreements in the United Kingdom (UK) are for at least 6 months.

There is a ton to see and do in Marlow, from taking in the town’s fascinating history to taking in the natural splendour of the surrounding countryside. Marlow boasts activities for all interests, whether you’re a foodie, a history nerd, or just seeking a quiet day out. Top activities in Marlow include the following:


Take a Stroll Along the Thames

The River Thames flows through the centre of Marlow, making a stroll along its banks one of the most well-liked activities there. Along with stopping at one of the numerous pubs and eateries that line the riverbank, you can take in the lovely views of the river and the surrounding countryside.


Visit the Marlow Museum

The Marlow Museum has exhibits that highlight everything from regional industry to well-known residents, making it a fantastic site to learn about the town’s history. A group of devoted volunteers administers the museum, which is housed in a historic structure from the 17th century.


Explore the High Street

Marlow’s High Street is lined with independent businesses, cafes, and restaurants, as well as historic structures like the 17th-century All Saints Church. You may spend hours perusing the varied mix of boutiques and antique shops or simply chilling with a cup of coffee at one of the many delightful cafes.


Take a Cooking Class

Marlow is home to a variety of award-winning restaurants, including the two Michelin-starred Hand and Flowers. If you enjoy cooking, why not enroll in one of the town’s many cooking schools? Everything from classic British meals to global cuisine can be learned.


Visit Higginson Park

Higginson Park is a tempting riverside park in the center of Marlow, with fantastic river views and plenty of green space for picnics and time-out. There are additional sporting amenities in the park, such as a skate park, a tennis court, and a cricket ground.


Take a Boat Trip

Why not take a boat tour on the Thames to explore Marlow from a new perspective? You can rent a rowing boat or kayak or go on a guided river excursion with one of the local boat businesses.


Schooling & Education Facilities in Marlow

Marlow is home to a number of great schools, both public and private, that provide high-quality education from preschool to secondary level. The following are some of the best schools in Marlow:

Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School: Co-educational Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School consistently ranks among the best colleges in the nation. With a focus on STEM disciplines, the school provides a challenging academic curriculum.

Great Marlow School: Popular co-educational secondary school Great Marlow School has received the Ofsted rating of “Outstanding.” A wide-ranging and well-balanced curriculum is provided at the school, with an emphasis on fostering pupils’ resilience, self-assurance, and creativity.

Danesfield School: Popular primary school Danesfield School has received the Ofsted rating of “Outstanding.” The institution provides a safe, encouraging environment where students can grow in their social, emotional, and academic capacities.

Herries School: Girls ages 3- to 11 can attend the independent preparatory school Herries School. The curriculum at the school is extensive and varied, with a focus on fostering pupils’ creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking abilities.

Pipers Corner School: Independent girls’ school Pipers Corner School emphasizes the growth of students’ intellectual, artistic, and athletic skills while providing a wide and balanced education. With a welcoming and loving atmosphere, the school has a strong feeling of community.


Marlow Nightlife 

Compared to bigger cities, Marlow’s nightlife is rather relaxed, but there are still a tonne of options for people wishing to mingle and have a good time. Many of the town’s pubs, taverns, and restaurants provide live music and entertainment on the weekends. Popular places to go out include The Complete Angler, The Marlow Bar & Grill, and The Hand & Flowers, a gastropub with two Michelin stars.


Transportation in Marlow

Marlow has good access to the other towns and cities in the area in terms of transportation. The town is conveniently close to the M4 freeway, making it simple to travel to Bristol, Reading, and London. Regular train service also connects Marlow with Maidenhead, from where travelers can board a quick train to London Paddington. In addition to several cab services that offer round-the-clock service, the town boasts a dependable bus service that connects to adjacent villages and towns for local transportation. 

Marlow provides a strong overall combination of connectivity and ease for both local and regional travel requirements.