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UK Storage and Removal Services

Storage Services

Avoid logistical problems during your move and give yourself breathing space by keeping some items in our secure storage facilities.

Purchasing storage can be the secret to removing the hassle from a home or office move. The friendly but efficient transportation team at Blue Sky can collect and store items from any address in the UK.

Our facilities are safe, clean and affordable, and can be made available for both short-term and long-term storage.

Make your move easier and more logical. Get your free storage quote today using the form above.

Storage FAQ

What can you put into storage with BlueSky?

We are happy to handle almost anything: from a single item that’s bulky or difficult to store at your own premises, to large amounts of boxes and other items that need to be housed at a separate location for a while.

Of course, we won’t store anything dangerous or illegal.

Where are my items stored?

We have multiple facilities around the south of England, including in London, Southampton and Oxford. Our storage facilities offer high security and are clean and dry. As with all of our home and business moving contracts, your belongings are in safe hands.

How long can you keep my items stored?

We’re very flexible! Do you need open-ended storage? That’s not a problem with Blue Sky. We can sort out a rolling weekly charge for storage services that match your needs exactly.

It’s all part of our flexible and responsive relocation services, which we would be pleased to discuss with you when you contact us for details or a free quote.

Will you collect my items to be stored, and deliver them when I need them again?

Absolutely. We can collect items from you, and then deliver them to any address, storing everything conscientiously while they are in our possession.

How quickly can I get my stored items delivered to me?

We ask that you give us 7 days’ notice that you would like us to take your belongings out of storage, and have them delivered to a specific location. We can sometimes facilitate this in under 48 hours.

How much does it cost to put my stuff into storage?

Blue Sky keeps costs fair and transparent. We would be delighted to provide a free quote for storage services, which includes collection and delivery anywhere in the UK.

Simply get in touch to discuss the details of your storage needs and we can prepare a clear pricing structure to make it feasible.

What if I am moving overseas?

If you are relocating overseas, Blue Sky can also handle your storage needs for great peace of mind. Long term storage solutions are available from Blue Sky. This service is handy if you have items or large amounts of belongings you may not need again for some months or even years.

Advantages of reliable storage services

You might be surprised what a difference it makes to use storage when moving.

For example, if you have not had time to sort through and reduce your belongings before you relocate, putting some of your boxes, furniture and equipment into storage with Blue Sky gives you valuable breathing space. There will be no clutter at your old or new address and more time to make decisions about what you are keeping and what you are disposing of.

Of course, when you are entrusting your belonging to somebody you need a storage provider that knows how to manage a secure, organised and effective storage facility. That is where BlueSky comes in.

Looking for a removal company that offers a high-quality, flexible, secure storage solution?

Blue Sky has over 15 years of experience in moving and storing items and delivering a service that our customers love. Just see our reviews online for proof.

We can assess your particular situation and help you determine if storage is the best option for you. Our assessors will be pleased to hear from you and will give you a free, no-obligation quote.

Don’t leave your move to chance. Make sure you’ve got the professionals in your corner and get in touch today at 0208 089 7720.