Moving house tips for a stress-free move

December 25th, 2020
Moving house tips for a stress-free move

Moving house can be overwhelming at times. This is especially true for people that have a lot of belongings that need to be moved, or if they’ve got strict deadlines that they need to follow. If you’re dreading an upcoming house move, then here are a couple of tips to help you out.

Plan early by picking a removals service early

Start by picking a removals service as early as possible. Statistics show that Friday is the most popular day to move throughout the year, so it’s likely that the day you plan to move could be entirely booked by your local removals service. Contact them the moment you’ve confirmed that you’re going to move and try to arrange a date or weekend for your move.


Make sure you look at reviews of the company that you plan to book with and get quotes from various companies if possible. This will help you find a service that is both reliable and affordable.

Start decluttering as early as you can

Decluttering is important since it’ll help you clean out any old and unwanted goods from your home. This will make your new home a lot more organized and it’s a good opportunity to dispose of or sell things that you no longer need.

Start decluttering as early as possible by going through all of your belongings and storage areas. For things that you want to keep, store them in labelled boxes to keep things organized. For things that you don’t want but want to sell, keep them in another labelled box and make sure you list those goods online or take them to a local store before your moving date. For things that you want to dispose of, you can keep them in bin bags unless they need to be recycled or disposed of properly (such as electronic devices with batteries).

Keep a bag of essentials for the moving date

Make sure you have a bag of essentials for the day you actually move. This will save you having to dig through your moving boxes to find the items you need for a day. This includes toiletries, electronic goods, food, drinks, and clothes. These items will also help you stay hydrated and fed during the move date which will undoubtedly be busy.


Make a plan for large items that will be difficult to move

Some larger items will require you to communicate with your removals company or even hire a specialised service. For example, a grand piano can be difficult for typical removal companies to transport and there’s a risk that they might damage it. Some companies have specialised training for moving large and delicate items such as a grand piano, but if your chosen removal company doesn’t offer this kind of service, you may need to seek a specialist.

It’s important to have a plan for large items like this. It could affect the removals service you choose and will complicate things later if you haven’t planned ahead for it.